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Anil Chaturvei’s Experience in the International Banking Industry

Inside of the financial industry, Anil Chaturvedi is a man who has gained a tremendous amount of experience while working for various banks for well over four decades. Over the course of his long and successful career, Mr. Chaturvedi has had the pleasure of working with a variety of different companies and clients from different backgrounds. Chaturvedi’s expertise and extensive knowledge has enabled him to make a strong impact with his clients, who have him to thank for much of their success.


Although Anil Chaturvedi has had many different jobs throughout his time in the financial industry, his name has always been one with a great reputation. His career has crossed borders, and he has been able to serve important roles at some of the most prominent international banks in existence. While working at these banks, Mr. Chaturvedi has proven that he is dedicated to consistent improvement. Thanks to his work ethic and vast experience within the industry, Chaturvedi has been able to work his way up to better and better positions over time.


During his banking career, one thing that Anil Chaturvedi has proven to be quite proficient at is cross-border transactions. It is thanks to his background that he has been able to carry out much of his work in this specific niche with the banking industry. Anil Chaturvedi spent his childhood in India, and he graduated with honors from Delhi University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and his MBA in Financial Management.


After completing his studies, one of his earliest jobs in the financial industry was working with the State Bank of India. There, he worked diligently as the manager of the companies planning and development. Eventually, Chaturvedi decided to embark on a new journey and decided to move all the way to the United States. ANZ Grindlays Bank became his new workplace in New York. After this, he then found a new position at Merril Lynch, where he made quite an impact as the company’s Managing Director. Today, Chaturvedi lives in Switzerland, and he is the Managing Director of another bank called Hinduja Bank.