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Watch Chainsmokers Record A Song

It would be difficult to find a musical act hotter than the Chainsmokers right now. Good news just keeps pouring out of this American DJ duo as they garner more and more international fame. They’ve become the first #1 Dance Artist/DJ to be included on Billboards New Dance 100 List which recognizes the strongest hitmakers on planet Earth. And before you go downplaying this honor, know that the list is data-driven. It is literally a list of the strongest musical acts on an economic basis. Simply put — they make bank.

And why shouldn’t they? They’ve been cranking out hit after hit ever since their debut single “#Selfie” back in 2014. The dance song dropped just as summer hit and it became an anthem for a generation. The song’s popularity is rather ironic as it makes fun of self-absorbed people taking pictures of themselves to share across social media. It’s kind of funny to watch the Chainsmokers sing their hit to a generation known for selfies.

The song was such a smash hit that T-shirts were made featuring “#Selfie” on the chest. Soon after their first hit single, they dropped their debut EP “Bouquet.” They then followed it up with hit singles like “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Sick Boy.” And now they’re teasing fans with a new video for the making of “Somebody.”

“Somebody” is definitively Chainsmokers. It is a wall of sound infused with a groovy beat and manipulated noises. And you get to watch Andrew Taggart as he puts together the catchy sounds of “Somebody.”

Sitting at the piano, Andrew Taggart lays down a chilling high-pitched melody. It makes you think that he’s actually creating a ballad before he starts playing a baseline on the keyboards. He then moves on over to the computer to manipulate all the sounds that he’s just recorded to give it that EDM edge.

Then things get really interesting. He turns to the camera to explain that the vocals were actually recorded for a different song altogether. He then leans over the computer, toggles some switches and the vocals suddenly become two steps higher and perfect for “Somebody.”