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Mina Ebrahimi Understands Gratitude and Giving

Saint Germain Catering has been a success because Mina Ebrahimi, the CEO and founder, knows what it takes to grow a business.


Mina Ebrahimi was born in Iran and she was just a child when she came to America with her parents and older sister. Her parents were hard workers, Mina is grateful for all they have sacrificed and the example they set for her.


At age 26 Mina Ebrahimi gave life to her dream, she took a leap of faith and Saint Germain Catering was born. Her work ethics, honesty, discipline, integrity and determination are keys to her success. But that’s not all Mina understands that being grateful for the simplest things in life and giving are the seeds for true happiness and success.


Commitment To Supporting The Community


Saint Germain Catering is a business that not only gives high-quality service to its clients, it supports and serves the community. There are many ways that Saint Germain Catering lives up to its values and the commitment to always do the right thing. Mina Ebrahimi and her catering company support many causes.


One of the ways they show support is by selling baked goods and donating the proceeds to support causes like the Battle Mammary Cancer in Dogs. Saint Germain Catering also donates food, tents and other essentials to The 25th Project which helps the homeless. These are just a couple of the ways that Mina Ebrahimi gives forward.


Treat Employees How You Would Like To Be Treated


When it comes to giving and gratitude Mina does not stop with charitable causes. She knows the value of hard-working employees, they keep business thriving. She treats her staff with respect and appreciation. Free breakfast and lunch, which she sometimes eats with her staff. She offers health, dental and other benefits provided at the companies expense for her employees because Mina Ebrahimi is grateful and wants the best for them.


Saint Germain Catering is the success it is today because of a strong woman who never gives up, knows gratitude and the joy of giving.