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Finding Your Face With The Faces of Youtube

In the mystical and confusing world that is Youtube, individuals have staked their claims on one of the many genres that are present through out it. One of these categories is “Beauty & Health”. People are concerned about their health and about their looks, and luckily humans function in a way that enables these two concepts to be discussed together, because feeling good about how you look is an important part of being a healthy human being.

People are not born into this world knowing how to be healthy or what is healthy for one’s self and contrary to popular belief girls are not born knowing how to sculpt their faces into art, including even males nowadays. So, as is the norm for knowledge seeking adventures, people turn to the internet to find those secrets that are neglected in general education. Some head straight to Youtube, understanding that they need visual demonstrations to understand how something is made or done. For others they searched for written articles regarding these topics and maybe even a suggestion on who to watch, and behold this is one of those articles!

Now, an obvious conundrum that individuals run into is that they are not the same complexion, skin tone, or physical structure as a “Beauty Guru” that they have come across, so finding the one that fits you is important. Sona of “SimplySona” is a good example of many mainstream looks, from Kim Kardashian to Natural, even Jennifer Lawrence’s Smokey look, her skin tone also allows her to demonstrate the more “pop” based colors.

However, a favorite of the Youtube world right now is a unique individual known as Wengie. Wengie is special in that she caters to many different markets. Being an Australian Chinese is not something many people can claim, and this allows her to demonstrate many curious parts of make-up. Her eyes are typically Asian, and as such she has many videos demonstrating the various looks of Asian cultures, from Korean to Japanese, that focus entirely on how to sculpt mascara around your eyes.

Wengie’s Tumblr shows that she is not just a unique person, she is a well informed individual with a patient hand for teaching the secrets of make-up, “landscaping”, and healthy habits. She is open about discussing all aspects of body management, from hair to more hair, to the fine details of mascara lines and foundation. The creativity of Wengie knows no bounds, and you may even find yourself watching her makeup tutorials for Halloween ideas.

Overall, finding the one who works for you is whats important, and starting with an established Guru to find out what tips or ideas you are looking for is always helpful.