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Venezuela sues two US news companies

Dow Jones & Co and News Corp has been sued for libel by a government official in Venezuela. The government official indicated that the Wall Street Journal identified the governmental as a drug smuggler as reported by El Venezolano.

The lawsuit was filed by Diosdado Cabello-Rondon in Manhattan. Diosdado is commonly considered to be the second most powerful person in Venezuela behind the President, Nicholas Maduro. Diosdado is serving as the Vice President.

The Presidency of Maduro has been blighted by much suffering by Venezuelans who have been hard hit by the decline of oil prices in accordance with the worldwide glut of oil. The opposition to the Presidency first tried to oust him with a court order and is now attempting to start a referendum to remove the President from office. Many Venezuelans like expert David Osio himself, are unhappy with the current economic situation of the country and are looking for a change.

Diosdado filed an eight page complaint identifying that false statements were made in an article from 2015 discussing laundering in accordance with other high ranking members of the cabinet. Comments were made that the articles by the Dow Jones & Co and News Corp led to significant reputation loss as well as financial damage.

Lawyers for the Dow Jones & Co and News Corp have indicated that they are currently reviewing the lawsuit but do not believe that it has merit and rely on the quality of their news reporting.