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Category: Theories on Zika Virus

Sergio Cortes: Zika Virus Linked to Birth Defects

A short while ago, in 2015, the zika virus started to circulate to nine Latin American locations, which include Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, and ended up making the World Health Organisation give warning concerning the hazards of zika and the possible effects that it may have in individuals that ended up infected.
In Brazil, the initial cases of zika virus transpired in April and every since then, the continual increase in the amount of cases of illness has increased dramatically causing worry amid health officials and doctors in the country. The indicators of zika virus are not serious and the virus can be managed, states Dr. Cortes, the thing that is absolutely stressing medical professionals is that there is a causal link between zika and microcephaly, and maybe with Guillain Barré syndrome.

As outlined by Dr. Sergio Cortes, medical doctor, Guillain Barre syndrome is a really severe neurological ailment, autoimmune sickness, which in line with surveys conducted with the WHO, can even be connected to zika virus. The connection of the virus and microcephaly, in turn, was verified at the end of August by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

The zika virus not a contagious disease. Thus, it can not be transmitted from one individual to a different person. The sole method of getting the disease is from the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and that is also to blame for the transmission of dengue fever and chikungunya. Having said that, notes Dr. Sergio Cortes, any time a mosquito that’s not infected with Zika bites a person infected, the mosquito seems to generally be contaminated and from then commences to transmit the illness to those people who are subsequently bitten, therefore producing a series of reactions that become challenging to handle.

Over-all, the Aedes aegypti prefers to replicate in clean water and in such cases, just about any site serves as a potential breeding grounds. Dr. Cortes notes that even water bottles, if they contain water, can become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Nevertheless, even though it is a lot more convenient to reproduce in spots with clean water, the mosquito can certainly adapt to different cases, and is able to breed in waters made up of organic elements. Sergio Cortes cites a current report where it was confirmed that the eggs of Aedes aegypti can continue to be inert inside a dry spot for a duration of up to 12 months, waiting for contact with the water to develop.

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