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Mobility Solutions- One Among Many by MoPac


According to statesman in an argument on the 3rd day of September 2015, a tech solution is needed to solve the increased congestion in Austin. This is an agreeable observation that experts are thankful for and in fact have taken steps to address with examples of companies such as Central Texas Regional Mobility taking charge.


The company specializes in building mobility solutions. An example is the 183A toll road in Cedar Park and Leander, which came in handy as the communities in these areas expanded. The U.S 290 road between Manor and Austin is another example of a solution, which tripled the mobility capacity of the area. What’s more, the company is not a private entity but an agency that is accountable to the locals being established by Williamson and Travis Counties residents.


The goal of Mobility Authority is to come up with innovative solutions to mobility problems. An example of this call is the new MoPac Express lanes, which use improved technology that manages and ensures free traffic flow. This solution is focused on minimizing traffic because no solution yet is known to eliminate congestion inasmuch as that would be the desired goal.


This solution however is excellent for people who need to get to work or meet their engagements without getting late. The plan is to have these technologies incorporated in future plans to create smart roads. The 183 south and U.S 290 will have fiber lines embedded in hem. This will make road communication better as detection of cars taking wrong ways will be easy.


The company has been able to make such steps in partnership with Metropia, which has enabled them to come up with an app that synchronizes traffic monitoring systems to offer commuters alternative routes. The political leader sited Texas A&M transportation institute as having the right ideas to fix the congestion issues and indeed they are in the right way. Even though the company does not have all mobility solutions, it has some and this is a long way from previous situations.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He served as an elected official for the Williamson County for 23 years. He once served as the chair of clean Air force of Texas where he assisted with infrastructure initiatives.


About Mobility Authority


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is independent from the government. It was created in 2002 with the aim of improving transportation for Travis and Williamson counties. Its goal is to improve mobility by making the right choices and providing innovative solutions.

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