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Friendships Have No Boundaries

International Online Friendship Day is on February 3. This year marks the second annual observance of this day. SKOUT is a global app that enables people to meet other people through online means. Without technology, most of these long distance friendships would not exist.

Christian Wiklund is the CEO and co-founder of SKOUT. Last year alone, SKOUT helped connect more than 680 million people around the globe. They are still growing. Having friends you never meet seems to be a trend and the new norm in today’s technologically advanced society in which we live.

SKOUT did a recent survey to collect data on online friendships. The survey revealed some very interesting facts. Almost 80% of people online say they have friends they have never seen before. Out of these people, 83% say they want to meet their never before seen friends one day. Over 60% of Americans on social media say they have a least five online friends with some having at least ten. Also, about 65% of Americans have friends from a foreign country. Mobile phone apps enable over 90% of Americans to connect and communicate with online friends each day.

Mobile Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and with whom we communicate. No longer are we tied to land lines or desktop computers. We have the capability in our hands to reach the other side of the world with a few pushes of a button. This is a very powerful way to communicate. It means we always have a means of communicating at our disposal. Reconnecting and connecting with new friends enables to world to connect in more ways than we could ever dream of. No longer can we have a disconnect with places far away. We have the capabilities to reach them. We only have to reach them.

Things You Must Change With Your Social Media Presence

Social media sites are used by all executives, bosses, managers, and nearly everybody in the world right now. Staying connected with friends and family, posting photos, and just keeping updated with your loved ones is where you need to be. Your social media presence can really damage how you are perceived online, and while you shouldn’t care so much about what people may think of you, the things you soot can affect your job with the company and also potentially lose a client because of a lack of professionalism.

– Private Personal Accounts

This is the account that only close friends, family members, and other people who you know very well should be added on. This should also e a private account. You still need to be very aware with the things that you post on here, but you’ll find that personal accounts are always a little bit less stressful to deal with when you don’t use it to connect to your bosses and managers.our other account should be open and public but with less photos and less posts.

– Careful With What You Post and Say

The truth about Facebook and other social networks is that what you say is always being watched, and so if you are somewhat an important person in your company, the things you say may be used against you. The same can be true of the photos you put up. If you say you’re going to be out on a business trip but you post photos of something else, it can damage your reputation with your work.

If you want to get expert advice, Status Labs is here to help give you that personal insight on how your social media stacks up online. The things you post are all going to be seen online, and so being careful with what you post is vital.

Status Labs works with wonderful PR experts, marketing professionals, and countless social media pros that know how to protect and save any high-profile individuals. Getting personal insight and help on this can guide you to avoid making the same mistakes as other businessmen.

Where There’s a Need, There’s a Fixer

A person’s reputation can make or break him. The preconceived notions the general public formulates prior to actually meeting someone has a gigantic impact upon every single dealing we, as humans, have with one another. While the internet has brought us the power to research a person to our fingertips, it also has brought us the ability to form these notions, quite possibly, in a biased manner that could be detrimental to a generally good person.

How does this happen? Google search engines pull up information in a chronological order, with the most recent first. If the most recent thing happening in a philanthropists life is the arrest of a drunken relative, her efforts to get a new project to, say, fund a girls’ school in Africa, could be severely impacted in a negative manner.

There is no need to despair. There are people in this world who specialize in fixing those dinks and dents in a person’s public persona in order to get the positive vibes flowing again. These “fixers” are highly specialized public relations people who work through various social media outlets and Google search numbers to put out the positive on a person.

One example of this is a company called Status Labs. Status Labs, headed by president and co-founder Darius Fisher, works exclusively to revive the seemingly dead public online profiles of various individuals involved in politics, showbiz, and high profile businesses. His business is handling digital marketing and online reputation management in addition to the usual public relation functions. Darius Fisher is well versed in making a client’s search results work for the client and the client’s business.

Fisher’s Status Labs has grown in the four years since its founding to a staff of 30. Status Labs has offices in multiple cities and has a wide range of clients running the gamut from athletes, politicians, Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, and many more. In this day and age of information, it is good to know there are people out there working in the trenches to balance the information so the good doesn’t get lost in the bad. These “fixers” help to keep things fair and business flowing.