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TOWN Residential Offers New Yorkers Expert Help

Living and growing up in New York City means that people understand the city really well. However, growing up here does not mean buying a residential property or looking for an apartment to rent is an easy task. Even natives may find it really hard to locate the kind of property they want. For that, they can turn to real estate specialists. Those at TOWN Real Estate are specialists in the field. They know that being here means being part a community where the real estate values can change very quickly. Having access to that kind of detailed rating allows any client to get the special apartment or other property they want right here in the heart of the biggest city in the United States.

Help For Locals

Locals may be aware of various parts of the city but they might not know everything about each and every single neighborhood in the entire region. New York City is a large place with many blocks that can be vastly different. A specialist from TOWN Real Estate can help someone decide if Battery Park is a better fit than the Upper West Side. They can also offer natives specific information about important subjects such as real estate prices.

The Best At What They Do

Those at TOWN Real Estate are the very best at what they day. Each day, they come to work ready to offer help. A buyer who does not know where to begin even if they have lived here for many years may not know how to even start the process of searching for home here. In so many ways, those at TOWN can show them places they may have only walked through a single time or walked through and not really thought about before. Such is the case with the company.

New Insights

New insights are essential even for those who think they know the city. They can offer help in discovering what areas of the city offer special amenities. A resident may know the Lower East Side but may want to think about moving to Washington Heights or SoHo. Those at TOWN Real Estate can help them sort out such ideas and decide where it would be best for them to move. This is why they continue to have a highly satisfied client base as they know how to get real estate deals done in New York.

The 990 Company-Real Estate Listings

Gregory D. Hague was born in 1948 where he grew up in Ohio and earned his Real Estate license when he was eighteen years old. He then went on to college and attended Miami University where he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at twenty-six years old. He then continued on to the University of Washington College of Law where he graduated with his high-level Juris Doctorate Law Degree at twenty-six years old and immediately passed the Bar Exam and received his Law License.

He started out in business working at his parent’s Real Estate and Brokerage Firm in Cincinnati which was already hugely successful and the biggest firm in all of the Cincinnati area. He worked there for four years learning all he could learn and then decided to open his own firm-Heritage House Real Estate-which was also a brokerage house. After a year it was the most successful brokerage houses in Cincinnati, they had lots of locations, over two hundred real estate agents and more than six hundred real estate listings. They were successful for several years but he decided to close it down in 1980 due to the economy and he and his wife and kids moved to Arizona where he started his company WHY USA Inc. in 1988. His business was considered very controversial because he worked with homeowners to sell their homes for a set fee of $990 which had never been done before . He worked in one office with two other people and in one year had expanded to over two hundred and twenty agents. He then began franchising his firm and expanded to over one hundred franchisees, and his business profile was highlighted in several books. He eventually sold his company in 1992 to the people that managed his company and a year later, he opened Hague Partners, a luxury home real estate listing company.

He then decided to take the licensing test in Arizona so he studied every waking moment for five months to take the bar exam and ended up scoring the highest score for that year’s testing. He then began teaching law at the Phoenix School of Law on a part-time basis and also taught refresher law classes to attorneys. He was working at a law firm and then decided to open his own law firm in 2013, he also volunteered at the Arizona Volunteer Lawyer’s Program. He has a blog for dads called “Savvy Dad” with stories of his own as well as stories from other fathers, his blog has forty thousand followers and a self-help website called “SmartsMatter.” He now has a real estate firm called “The 990 Sells Homes Company” that also has a website called” Real Estate Mavericks” and he is also Chairman of the Board of Harvey Mackay University. He is a very busy man.