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Rick Smith Makes Prison Technology and Correction Services Popular and Accessible

Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, is credited with making prison technologies and correction services popular and accessible to people across the country. As the head of the largest prison technology firm, Rick Smith Securus made sure that the company is providing innovative solutions that are addressing the needs of various prison services. He follows a simple procedure of identifying the missing sections in a world-class service and fills up those gaps with a talented team of engineers at the firm. The company offers end-to-end solutions to inmates, jail administrations, correction agencies, investigating departments, government organizations, and more. Smith believes that right chord of technology and solutions are a need of the time and compromising on it can pull the firm out of the industry. Visit for more info.

Under him, the firm offers a number of high-quality solutions to address the needs of various types of customers. The services include family and friends, corrections solutions, investigative solutions, monitoring solutions, and public safety solutions. The family and friends services are aimed to address the needs of inmates with various options such as phone services, video services, email services, money transfer, and jail voicemail. It connects inmates with outside world including the family member and friends, vice versa. Since the firm has connectivity with almost all the prisons in U.S., it works as a single platform of contact for inmates and family members. The services are hugely popular, and it has registered a record handling of 1,000,000 calls on Christmas Day 2016.

The public safety solutions of the firm helping the law enforcement agencies and city departments to consolidate, store, and distribute various data associated with public safety and crime records. It also ensures quick and efficient access to those data instantly for any emergency dispatch. The investigative solutions are addressing the needs of investigative agencies by identifying, storing, and analyzing critical data which is helpful for investigations. The tools of the firm are designed to make quick analysis using advanced data analytics and various biometric verification solutions. The correction solutions are aimed to give advancement in incarceration experience with world-class information management. The monitoring solutions are offered to different government agencies, and it includes RF-based and GPS monitoring systems, reporting services, support programs, locating tracking, and supervision.

Rick played a crucial role in converting the firm into the industry leader in inmate and correction solutions. His vision of providing the best solutions helped the company to win accolades from industry bodies. Before working with Securus, Rick Smith collaborated with Eschelon Telecom Inc, as its President and Chief Operating Officer. He also worked with Global Crossing North America Inc and took up various responsibilities. Rick completed Bachelors in Engineering from the State University of New York and did MBA from the University of Rochester. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Securus Technologies Helping Prisoners Contact Home

If you are in a tough situation, with a loved one in prison, then Securus Technologies can help you and your family. Securus Technologies is in business to see the smiles on prisoners’ faces grow, not just for profit. The sadness of being locked up can be depressing for everyone involved. Christmas is just around the corner, and the pain of not having your loved one can be more intense around the holiday season.


Securus Technologies has innovative methods for bypassing the barriers that keep you and your loved one from communicating. This includes video chat software and live telephone connections. You will be able to see how your family member is doing behind bars. Any problems with mistreatment can be quickly corrected if you know what is going on. Securus Technologies has designed its systems to be secure and a win-win for everyone.


A major factor in the Securus Technologies program is reducing the inefficiencies that plague the American criminal justice system. According to the Huffington Post, a disproportionate number of incarcerated people are minorities, even correcting for the rate of offenses that occur. This is not fair, and should be looked into more. Securus Technologies wants to help you if you have been unjustly affected by the racism that is still sadly prevalent in the American courts. We want to see you and your loved one happily connecting without the stress of absence.


We do not want you to be hurt by America’s collective racism. Our professional staff is devoted to impartiality. We want your business, and we are devoted to customer service and helping people spend time with their family members.


Our software has helped increase the efficiency of prisons in America. The main thing that a staff member of America’s prisons wants is a safe and quiet day. Our software allows prisoners to log complaints and staff to process them with minimal hassle. This is helping the prisons of America know what is going wrong. Before Securus Technologies brought their system into operation, staff could quickly log complaints. They had to use time consuming paper forms that were frustrating. Now, with Securus Technologies’ work, people are getting their observations clearly noted much more quickly. There is an abundance of evidence that injustice remains in America’s criminal justice system. Securus Technologies is trying to do its part to remove that injustice and increase opportunity for every incarcerated person, whatever their ethnic background.