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End Citizens United Targets Republicans For 2018 Mid-Term Elections

With momentum on their side, the Democrats are looking to make some big gains during the 2018 mid-term elections. And the political group End Citizens United is targeting four California Republicans, friendly to Citizens United, in the upcoming mid-term elections.

The Republican House members Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine), Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Irvine), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista). and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) are considered four of the most vulnerable congresspeople from the state of California. And End Citizens United is putting their support behind opponents who are hoping to take these seats in late 2018.

So what exactly is Citizens United? Citizens United is a conservative non-profit organization that wants corporations and unions to be allowed to spend money on Federal Elections. Many critics see this as an unfair advantage that allows large organizations to outspend individuals in Federal Elections, effectively allowing large companies to appoint whomever they want to Federal Office.

So why are the 2018 elections so important to End Citizens United? With the recent Democratic Senate race win in Alabama, Democrats see the U.S. House and Senate – currently in Republican control – ripe for a takeover. By supporting candidates against the most vulnerable Republican Congresspeople and Senators, the chances of flipping one of both chambers of the US Congress becomes more likely.

With a majority control in both the House and the Senate, a Democratically controlled US Congress can pass laws compromising the Citizens United ruling. With the chances of completely overturning the Citizens United ruling in the Supreme Court are still slim, passing laws to curb the big money influence on Federal Elections is still possible.

End Citizens United has raised in excess of $11 million dollars at the end of October 2017. However, the group has not disclosed how much they will spend against the four Republican congresspeople they are targeting. As the 2018 mid-terms draws closer, End Citizens United will no doubt seek to deploy much of their fundraising cash to those four vulnerable Republican-controlled districts.

End Citizens United is a political action committee created in direct response to Citizens United. It is devoted to driving what they see as the “big money” out of Federal Elections. Founded in 2015, the PAC is working with over $25 million dollars in donations from the 2016 election cycle.

The PAC endorses candidates and politicians who seek to overturn the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling through congressional legislation. Some of the politicians supported by End Citizens United include Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Hassan, and Jon Ossoff.

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Billionaire George Soros is Determined to Stop Trump From Winning Presidency

With his blunt racist remarks on, billionaire and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s number of critics grow every day. An increasing number of billionaires, including Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates and George Soros are vocal in their criticism of Trump.

According to Forbes, George Soros, one of the most successful hedge-fund managers in the world, has spent millions to defeat Trump in the polls. Soros, who advocates for human rights, government transparency and democracy, says that Donald Trump is threatening the values in America with nativism and xenophobia. Soros echoed the thoughts of many Americans when he expressed feeling offended by the extreme anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim speeches heard from Republican candidates on, such as Trump.

In a clear effort to try to defeat Trump at the voting booth in November, George Soros on marketwatch recently announced plans to donate $15 million to the new super PAC, Immigrant Voters Win, according to Fox New Latino. The PAC has raised a total of $10 million since December and is ready to start its operations in May. The purpose of the campaign is to fund organizations in Nevada, California and Florida. These states have large Latino communities on so the hope is that these organizations will encourage a large Latino turnout at the polls in the fall.

Soros, one of the world’s biggest philanthropists on, has given away a large percentage of his fortune to fight for democracy, freedom, social justice, human rights and social responsibility. Soros is a Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist. George Soros philanthropic organization, the Open Society Foundations, supports human rights in more than 100 countries. The organization is a network of foundations that works to build fair and tolerant communities.

Soros has been supporting democratic causes since the late 1970s through business development and educational means. In 1979, Soros provided scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid. In the 1980s, he worked towards undermining communism by supporting cultural exchanges with the West and providing Xerox machines to help copy banned textbooks.

Soros created Central European University after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The school focused on promoting critical thinking. Since then, Soros has expanded his philanthropy to the Africa, Asia and the United States. Open Society Foundations have supported legal aid and lawyers in representing a number of individuals who were unlawfully being imprisoned, without any legal representation, for years upon years. In addition to the above causes, the foundations also gave money to programs that provided aid to victims of natural disaster.