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Gourmet Pet Food Market Surges And Continues To Grow

An increasing number of dog owners are buying into the gourmet pet food craze, according to an article by the Daily Herald. Perhaps that is why there is an increasing number of pet food manufacturers who are catering to people who are as picky about what goes in their pet’s bodies as they are about what goes into their own. Dog owners are spending big bucks to avoid putting empty calories, fillers, and preservatives into their pet’s bodies, and are splurging on food that consists of organic meat, fish, poultry, grain, fruit, and vegetables while doing away with preservatives. The food is so nutritious and well-prepared that it is good enough for human consumption and just as tasty. Popular brand Purina put its foot in the door with the Beneful line which has 39 different formulas, including baked snacks that address pet’s nutritional needs through all stages of their lives, in addition to dealing with specific health needs like losing weight and gastrointestinal problems. Made with vitamin enhanced vegetables and real meat, it is competing with the likes of Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co., competitive upstarts with innovative ideas like refrigerated gourmet food that mimics what their dog’s ancestors would have eaten, and Rovers lamb and chicken. Beneful is part of the $23.7 billion industry this niche market is enjoying. Well-heeled pet owners are paying more than twice what lower priced dog food costs. The premium pet food market has increased 37 percent in the past year alone to $103 million. Sales of Beneful premium dog food have surged 45 percent to 10.5 billion since 2009 just in the U.S., and has cornered more than half of the market and continues to grow. Gourmet food for pets have climbed to $103 million, and increase of 37 percent in a year. For more about the gourmet pet food industry read: Premium Dog Food Sales Surge With New Innovations In Healthy Food