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Betsy Devos: Giving to the Needy

How many people in Betsy Devos’ Calvin College graduating class could have predicted the force for good she would become?

Devos grew up in Michigan, the daughter of Edgar Prince. Edgar Prince founded a company that became an automobile parts supplier. Their home was in picturesque Holland, Michigan.

As a child of well-to-do parents, Betsy could have devoted herself to parties and pugs. Rather, she elected to tread the road less traveled. She dedicated her life to good works and the improvement of her nation.

Betsy Devos became an intelligent, commanding force for good in Michigan. She mastered finance to become a powerful fundraiser and taught herself organizational skills to manage her entities and personnel.

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It is commonly understood that Betsy Devos has a passion for quality education. This began when her own four children were attend grade school in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Betsy and husband Dick were invited to visit The Potter’s House, a local Christian school.

Ms. Devos’ first trip to The Potter’s House impressed her. The atmosphere, the dedication of the staff and the correct behavior of the children were all positive. This was vastly different from all of these elements in the local public school system.

Ms. Devos, never one to make decisions lightly, visited The Potter’s House several times before deciding that it was someplace she wanted to support. She realized that the parents of these at-risk children made many sacrifices to afford their safe, moral education. She realized that she wanted to assist such families. This initial investment was followed by many more in Michigan and around the United States.

By current calculations, the Devos family has donated more that $100 million dollars to worthy causes from education to arts, from leadership cultivation to community development, the Devos funds are working to improve our society.

Betsy Devos had given funds away to support hospitals, health research and Christian schools. Devos dollars have funded missions, arts organizations and free-market think tanks. She has donated funds to the Right to Life Michigan Education Fund and the Pregnancy Resource Center in Michigan. To protect individuals, Betsy has contributed to the Center for Individual Rights, the Institute for Justice and the Center for Individual Rights.

Working to improve her immediate home, Ms. Devos gave $2.39 million dollars to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, $652,000 to the Ada Christian School and $458,000 to Holland Christian Schools.

It is certainly obvious by this pattern of giving that Ms. Devos has a generous nature that has prompted her to give her funds away with a free hand. Her future-orientation is also demonstrated by her giving so much to education, preparing for a better future for individual students as well as for our society.

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Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park had never heard of the work freedom. She had no idea what i meant. But for her to survive her journey took exceptional strength to accomplish. Yeonmi’s story on Youtube begins on March 31, 2007 in North Korea. She was only thirteen years old and the many years of her journey would take her across China, through the Gobi desert and even to the Mongolian border where she took a plane to reach South Korea. This all began for her in the dead of night as she crossed the Yalu River with her mother. Such a journey can takes its toll on a person, but for Yeonmi her, she has the strength to survive, living outside the law. Yeonmi’s father had passed away months after crossing the border to join her of untreated cancer. He never knew the things he was missing. H never knew of the kind of democracy that existed beyond his homeland. He never knew the amount of food that was available in the world beyond North Korea. However, Yeonami, her mother and father were desperate souls searching for a better life for themselves. Yeonmi’s story of survival has propelled the spotlight around the world and has captivated thousands of readers around the world. There is a lengthy video which attempts to discredit all key parts of Yeonami’ story in a melodramatic fashion. They make all attempts to vilify Yeonmi and her mother, making accusations about them being agents of the United States of America. Many doubters have emerged from outside of North Korea. Many call her a celebrity deflector. The critics claim they found inaccuracies regarding her life story and her depiction of her native country. She insists that her story is truthful, however some of the details in her story had been changed to protect her family members who still reside in North Korea. Other events during her defection, such as the claims of sexual abuse have been shrouded in shame. Yeonmo’s says she had reasons for hiding her secret. She says she did not want to admit that she had been raped. Other misstatements have been attributed to her poor command of the English language. The stake could not be higher for the community with consists of tens of thousands of North Korean refugees worldwide, even with her compelling story, any such exaggeration of the facts threatens to undermined the narrative of the widespread humans rights abuses and even political persecution. Their cause is solely dependent on her and others credibility of the stories locked inside one of the world’s most secretive nation, which makes it difficult and even sometimes nearly impossible to verify the information.

Rising in the Face of Tragedy

In April of 2015, an earthquake reaching a magnitude of 8 shook Nepal to its very core, injuring over 23,000 people and killing over 9,000. The nation has been struck incredibly hard by this tragedy, with very few resources left to aid those still scrambling to save themselves from the devastation. The Nepali Association of North American has issued a challenge to the president of the United States. In this challenge there is a call to donate one million dollars to the relief effort.
Benjamin E. Mays has gone to Nepal in order to provide whatever help he can. His pictures from the scenes of chaos in Nepal provide a gruesome picture of just how important foreign aid is needed in order to reverse this tragedy. The quake has broken millions of individuals, and Mr. Mays calls for the citizens of the US not to further the tragedy by being complacent. Action is required on the ground, and one can aid by funding the campaign to save Nepal.
Majeed Ekbal, a well known Senior Marketing Executive in Chicago has answered this call through a GoFundMe campaign. As an executive member of Expresso Inc., Majeed Ekbal has been providing whatever aid he can to the relief effort utilizing his own resources. Now he is expanding his reach to the people of the United States. As Majeed has a great many personal ties to Nepal, he wants nothing more than to contribute to its prosperity and recovery.
By providing a means to donate money to the effort, Majeed Ekbal has begun to fulfill his purpose. It is vital that he gets his message out, so that he may funnel whatever resources in his possession to the relief fund that he has pledged himself to aid. He does not believe in complacency, and his business success is a testament to that fact. His is lighting a beacon of hope for Nepal in the united states, and by donating to this cause, people are capable of avoiding the plague of complacency themselves and contributing to saving loves. Through this GoFundMe campaign, everyone has a chance to help save Nepal.

Finding Your Face With The Faces of Youtube

In the mystical and confusing world that is Youtube, individuals have staked their claims on one of the many genres that are present through out it. One of these categories is “Beauty & Health”. People are concerned about their health and about their looks, and luckily humans function in a way that enables these two concepts to be discussed together, because feeling good about how you look is an important part of being a healthy human being.

People are not born into this world knowing how to be healthy or what is healthy for one’s self and contrary to popular belief girls are not born knowing how to sculpt their faces into art, including even males nowadays. So, as is the norm for knowledge seeking adventures, people turn to the internet to find those secrets that are neglected in general education. Some head straight to Youtube, understanding that they need visual demonstrations to understand how something is made or done. For others they searched for written articles regarding these topics and maybe even a suggestion on who to watch, and behold this is one of those articles!

Now, an obvious conundrum that individuals run into is that they are not the same complexion, skin tone, or physical structure as a “Beauty Guru” that they have come across, so finding the one that fits you is important. Sona of “SimplySona” is a good example of many mainstream looks, from Kim Kardashian to Natural, even Jennifer Lawrence’s Smokey look, her skin tone also allows her to demonstrate the more “pop” based colors.

However, a favorite of the Youtube world right now is a unique individual known as Wengie. Wengie is special in that she caters to many different markets. Being an Australian Chinese is not something many people can claim, and this allows her to demonstrate many curious parts of make-up. Her eyes are typically Asian, and as such she has many videos demonstrating the various looks of Asian cultures, from Korean to Japanese, that focus entirely on how to sculpt mascara around your eyes.

Wengie’s Tumblr shows that she is not just a unique person, she is a well informed individual with a patient hand for teaching the secrets of make-up, “landscaping”, and healthy habits. She is open about discussing all aspects of body management, from hair to more hair, to the fine details of mascara lines and foundation. The creativity of Wengie knows no bounds, and you may even find yourself watching her makeup tutorials for Halloween ideas.

Overall, finding the one who works for you is whats important, and starting with an established Guru to find out what tips or ideas you are looking for is always helpful.