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Category: Osteoarthritis

Osteo Relief Institute: A Trusted Denver Pain Relief Center

Osteoporosis is the most commonly diagnosed type of arthritis, although more than 100 types of arthritis exist. This arthritis type affects the joints in the body, causing them to weaken. Women are at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis than men. Other osteoporosis risk factors include:


Age- Osteoporosis affects older individuals most commonly

Frame Size- Small-framed individuals are at greater risk for osteoporosis

Race- White and Asian descendants are diagnosed with Osteoporosis more than other races

Eating Habits- If you are underweight, you’re at a greater risk of developing Osteoporosis

Family History- If you have a history of osteoporosis, you are two times more likely to develop the condition yourself

Medications – If you take medications used to treat certain condition, such as those for gastric reflux, seizures, and cancer, there may also be increased risk of Osteoporosis


Although many people experience no side effects with Osteoporosis, there are a few indications the condition is present. Stooped posture, loss of height, back pain, and stooped posture are common signs of osteoporosis.


Osteo Relief Institute provides top-notch Osteoporosis treatment. While this condition is not curable, there are several ways to minimize the aches and pains that it brings. Caring medical professionals at Osteo Relief Institute ensure exemplary treatment that provides the relief that you need.


Osteo Relief Institute uses state-of-the-art treatments to alleviate the aches and pains of osteoporosis, helping the individual regain their quality of life. Joint lubrication, spine and knee strengthening, and videofluoroscopy are some of the available non-surgical pain relief options provided. Some patients use one treatment option for relief, while others find a combination of treatments work best. Together with a medical professional, you can easily determine which treatment options are best for your needs.

The Institute also provides treatment for other knee-related conditions causing you pain. If you’re located in the Denver area, booking an appointment with Osteo Relief Institute is a worthwhile decision (