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Mikhail Blagosklonny Proposes TOR Signaling for Treatment Therapy

It is factual that cancer has been affecting many families. As a disease that ranks among the top killer diseases, cancer has attracted multiple scientists, physicians, donors and researchers. This curiosity is linked to encouraging the thought process of finding not only treatment but also therapies for cancer. The main objective for these people who have invested time in addition to resources in cancer research is discovering the elusive solutions. One of these individuals is Mikhail Blagosklonny. The research scientist has done an impressive job at establishing clear pathways towards finding treatment for cancer and diseases that are connected to aging.


Mikhail is a specialist in the study of cancer cells and biology. He has put time in addition to effort in researching on cancer cells, how they behave in human body and what would eradicate them from the body’s immunity. Mikhail has established viable therapies that patients can benefit from. His works have consistently been published in trusted journals that can be used for treatment. For the work he has put into finding treatment for age related diseases and cancer, he deserves the attention he is receiving in the medical field.


For decades, there has been a string of workshops, campaigns and initiatives to find treatment for cancer. With science developing into a reliable medium for finding these treatments, Mikhail has taken advantage of his professional career. That is why he has massively contributed to the fight. Mikhail is better defined by his input in the field. His strong academic background also defines his passion and commitment to helping patients. Some of his works have been published as he is an author and editor too. His input can be used to revolutionize treatment in many ways.

Research and Analysis through TOR Signaling

In research Mikhail has been progressive and resilient at what he does. The renowned oncologist is known for publishing more than 200 journals on cancer and anti-aging treatment. Aside from that, he has assisted in authoring many book chapters based on his discipline. His contribution to cellular biology and molecular studies is unmatched. Mikhail has proposed TOR Signaling in the search for treatment against age-related diseases. According to him, TOR has the solution to this pill most people are scared of swallowing, age. Mikhail stated that cancer cells thrive in a certain environment in the body. To him, apoptosis in addition to autophagy have functionality in finding treatment. When TOR is over-expressed, there shall be the growth of more tumors, a process that leads to the multiplication of cancer cells. Blagosklonny also stated that the control of TOR Signaling can help finding cancer treatment.


Mikhail is not only a research scientist. He has an executive career position at Roswell Park Institute in New York City. His leadership ability has been excellent as he guides many research scientists in this institution. Mikhail also has extensive knowledge on cancer because he went to a good institution. He is a mentor and a contributor to the great works of research.