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Army Enters Caracas Neighborhoods

In Venezuela the crime is rampant, according to Open Corporates there are food shortages and daily power block outs, while people are dying in hospitals because of the lack of medicine. The nation is surely facing an economic collapse as the government wasn’t able to keep up anymore with social welfare programs after the oil prices tanked.
Now, in certain areas of Caracas, the soldiers are patrolling the streets with heavy weaponry, while checkpoints are made, according to Vice News article. This rather reminds us of war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip. Venezuela, however, isn’t at war. It is, in fact, a country with the world’s largest oil reserves.

“The life in this South American nation can be quite dangerous” says expert Jose Figueroa, though. Even before the economic collapse, Venezuela was known for the highest murder rates. Now, as dateas reports on the crisis, it only got worse. The police wasn’t enough to handle this chaos, so the military was called in to patrol the streets in poorer neighborhoods.