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Vincent Parascandola Providing Financial Protection

Vincent Parascandola operates as the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors based in New York. In the company he is responsible for productivity, recruiting, retention, managing sales and training new financial professionals. Vincent Parascandola attended the Pace University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Parascandola’s career journey began at Prudential in 1987 as an agent. At Prudential due to his hard work, Vincent was once named the National Rookie of the year. He commenced working with MONY Life Insurance in 1990 in various positions both in local and regional levels. Vincent also worked at Irving Trust Company as a system analyst. Later, he joined AXA Group where he started serving as a chief sales officer and president of the Continental Division. Moreover, he also served as the president of the Northern Division of AXA Equitable.

Vincent Parascandola also worked at Advantage Group, a subsidiary of AXA, as its president playing the roles of winning potential financial professionals. He was a co-manager working with 400 financial professionals in its New York Metro branch. Mr. Parascandola is an award-winning leader, for example, he won the Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development. Also, Vincent is a motivational speaker and has been honored to make speeches in important events like GAMA’s national meetings and at LIMRAS conventions. For more details visit

In 2004, he joined AXA Advisors which is a retail and dealer distribution channel for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. AXA Advisors is a large company working with over 6,000 financial professionals providing products and service relating to the financial protection of a client. Moreover, AXA Advisors goes a mile ahead and advises clients on retirement, business ideas, asset allocation, investments, estate planning, and investments. AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company provides financial protection strategies for their customers through their dealers like AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola works in charge of the team at AXA Advisors. He is working hard to provide clients with the best services. With his 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Vincent is a perfect match to be working with the AXA group. Vincent Parascandola is passionate about helping people plan their lives and have enough knowledge in the financial subject. Check out Vimeo for more.

George Soros Is Unsure Of The Bearish Market

There are many out there that are wondering whether or not that should start investing in gold given the bearish state of the market. For those who keep up with the latest news from George Soros, the financial genius and hedge fund billionaire, the answer might seem simple.

Recently, George Soros has been taking a different approach to the market and changing up his financial strategies. The Soros Fund Management recently made some large investments in gold and miners. It is also worthy to note that this is all of a sudden after being out of the markets for quite a while. Even as Soros Fund Management, which manages George’s vast amount of wealth, has been selling off many of its stocks while putting more into gold.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Guru Soros Portfolio – 2016 Stock Picks and Performances

As of now, George Soros has a very poor outlook for the coming state of the markets, which is of course the reason behind his current moves. George stated that this year was a very unstable one for the markets on a global scale, especially with what is happening over in China, with the economy trying to change focuses. He believes that a real reform is needed there, however, the political philosophies are holding the country back from these changes. Read more about George at The New York Times.

That isn’t all though according to Soros. China isn’t the only reason things are unstable within the markets right now. There are also constant crises developing in the European Union and the leaders are facing challenges from every angle. There has been an ever present issue of migration and the current outlook for the euro looks bleak. There has been major questions revolving whether or not Britain will even remain part of the European Union. It is the combination of all of these things that are contributing to the highly volatile markets, and it is because of this that George Soros believes gold is the safest bet for investing right now. Currently it is unknown whether or not the markets with start gaining stability, but in George’s opinion, it will not.

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Investment Banking Expertise of Martin Lustgarten in South American Markets

Lustgarten Martin is an investment banking entity owned by Martin Lustgarten, entrepreneur and investing manager from Austria and Venezuela. Mr. Lustgarten built an investment career in South America and owns companies in Panama, Venezuela, and Asia. He helped companies survive during economic downturns by providing capital and managing their financial assets. Lustgarten is a citizen of Austria and Venezuela, and knowledgeable of the South American and Asian markets. He has lived in Florida in the United States for approximately seven or more years.


Currently, Mr. Lustgarten is the Managing Director of Henlux, Inc., a company headquartered in Hong Kong, Panama, and Singapore. Before Henlux, he worked as the Cash & Investments Manager at Cisneros Group of Companies, from 1998 through 1999. Lustgarten is the owner and previous owner of businesses, including Denton Business Inc., Clifton Capital S.A.; Arbitrage & Lending Inc., ESL Services, ESL Portfolio Holdings, and other companies. Throughout his career, he has obtained experience in venture capital, investment products, durable & consumer goods procurement, purchasing order financing, and funding.


As Managing Director of Henlux, Mr. Martin Lustgarten provides guidance to struggling companies, entrepreneurs, startup businesses, and importers. He is presently controlling four Henlux entities; Henlux Group, Henlux PTE Ltd., Henlux Ltd., and Henlux, Inc. Each entity offers different services and products in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Panama. Henlux, Inc. and Henlux Group are headquartered in Panama; Henlux PTE Ltd. is headquartered in Singapore; and Henlux Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong. The Henlux Group is a team of investors who controls and oversees management of all the Henlux affiliates.
Martin Lustgarten has controlled and directed over ten companies in South America and Asia. He has provided opportunities and advice to thousands of importers and business owners perstrategiestaining to moving inventories, creating new challenges, and rapid growth . In 1987, he received engineering & system engineer degree from Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela. Mr. Lustgarten supports philanthropic causes for animal shelters, civil & human rights, disaster & humanitarian relief, and economic empowerment. As a resident of Florida, he financially supports Florida Little Dog Rescue Group in St. Cloud. Visit his Soundcloud page for more information on what music he’s into lately.