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Innovation and Investments: The Rise of Highland Capital Management LP

Highland Capital Management LP was established over 20 years ago. The Dallas based investment firm has helped reshape the financial industry. Offering an array of uniquely designed services to its clients, the investment firm has managed to become a globally recognized name.

Co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada created the company in the early 90s. Forming a series of joint ventures, the company underwent a variety of name changes. As the success and notoriety grew, James and Mark settled on Highland Capital Management LP in the late 90s.

The team expanded their experiences and honed their investment skills, allowing them the opportunity to increase staff and rapidly expand their business. Highland Capital Management LP quickly dominated the financial field, offering clients a wide range of new and alternative investment opportunities.

From hedge fund management, mutual funds, private equity, pension plans and CLO, Highland Capital Management LP maintained their success through a variety of long-term partnerships and a long list of clients.

The company now possess a variety of locations throughout the world. Their network of offices include the Dallas headquarter, Seoul, New York, Sao Paulo and Singapore.

With an estimated 180 team members, five facilities and 20 years of experience, Highland Capital Management LP is regarded as one of the most advanced and established investment firms worldwide. The company has an invested market value of 250 million. With an estimated 14 billion in asset management, the company has one of tge most diversified portfolios and client based relationships.

Highland Capital Management LP also helped pioneer CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligations). The company was the first to offer its clients a non bank CLOs in 1996. Twenty one years later, Highland now operates and manages over $30 billion of CLOs and CDOs. Their pioneering work has helped them become one of the largest CLO managers on the planet.

Highland is an ever expanding company. With an impressive reputation and a globally recognized name, the co-founders have helped propel the company into unparalleled success. The company now focuses heavily on the introduction of new services and client satisfaction. The trail blazing company plans on expanding and creating life-long business relationships in the near future.