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On an Individual Level, Urbana is Outpacing Most

Jon Urbana is an individual who has developed many different skills in physical and creative areas of his life. He is most well known for the amazing achievements he has made in the world of collegiate lacrosse. His skills do not stop solely in the world of athletics, yet they span across many of the creative fields as well. Urbana has also been a very skilled individual in the field of business. It is easy to see why many look to Jon Urbana as a beacon of success. The many talents of Urbana only seemingly continue to grow as he continues to become a much more creative individual.

Jon Urbana has been known to the Twitter world for his charitable contributions as well. Earth force is one of the great ways in which Urbana has been able to create change in the environment. Earth Force encourages youth to become activists in their own community regarding the environment.

Urbana has taken his passion for the environment into his video skills as well. Urbana has created amazing landscape and wildlife videos that captivate his amazing new skill in this area. As the time goes on, Urbana is becoming much more proficient in the field of videography.

Urbana has also started to create beautiful music as well. With only a guitar and a piece of music software, Urbana has been able to create some very beautiful music.

Urbana continues to show his prowess in the world of business. Urbana’s lacrosse summer camp is his main business venture that is keeping him occupied, but there are always new ventures that Urbana is looking to be a part of.

How Jaime Garcia Dias Creatively Transformed His Writing Career

Brazilian-born writer, Jaime Garcia Dias developed a passion for writing early. In fact, his late father Arnaldo, a retired journalist started him on his first piece. Unfortunately, Jaime didn’t get to enjoy a lifetime with him, but he succeeded in keeping his memories alive by writing. His mom, Mrs. Dulce Garcia-Dias was an architect. She too was an instrument of encouragement that fueled Jaime’s passion. Soon, Jaime graduated high school and continued his education at the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). He was among the institution’s top-achievers who graduated with honors.

Later according to LinkedIn, Jaime joined the CLA  (Carioca Literature Academy) faculty in 1995 as a professor. He taught Brazilian literature and three years into his teaching career, he became the academy’s vice president. The board admired his devotion to the art and celebrated his achievements. Besides his professional role, Jaime continued writing. The talented fiction author is a decorated White Crane awardee. In 2001, his award-winning novel “Caiu do Ceu,” (Fell From Heaven) earned him this prestige. The iconic Argentine, Mr. Josué Gomez led a campaign in promoting the said award-winning title. The reception in South America was an admirable victory. Jaime has spent much of his years refining Brazilian literature and his books are profound examples.

In 2007, the academy’s heads appointed him as president. The institution has adopted a new culture and it’s become a leading journalistic literature learning center. It’s particularly the country’s best according to rankings. Jaime has been the instrument behind the institution’s immaculate performance and success, and that’s really been echoed on his blog. In fact, his profound teaching style and appreciation of literature has inspired the best talents. The-Devil-to-Pay-in-the-Backlands by Joao Guimaraes Rosa is among the many elements from which Jaime drew inspiration. With these, he managed to pen his first novel.

Jaime does a weekly column, hosted by Jornal do Brasil, a renowned newspaper outlet. His recent compendium that described life growing with his dad earned him notable recognition. With twenty books published, Jaime has reached avenues many Brazilian authors continue to fantasize about even today. Among his parcel of published titles are “Canal,” “ Caiu do Ceu,” “Miuda,” “Dois Caminhos,” “Das Nuvens” and more. He’s credited with a handful of awards to his name, including the prestigious ABC-Award. It’s been bestowed upon him for his exceptional contributions as a decorated fiction writer.

The Rio de Janeiro-native strongly believes in higher education which he’s providing at CLA. The institution has produced some of the nation’s brightest aspiring Brazilian authors. He’s introduced a solid teaching technique and implemented strategies that have strengthened leadership throughout the literature community. With English translations of his titles, he’s penetrated global markets as well. In addition, Jaime has established a following by using social media resources to his benefit. He entertains English-speaking fans through YouTube and other social media channels.