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The New Age of Human Rights

Human rights have fallen under the forefront of many international organizations and agencies. The goal of providing a quality way of living to individuals around the world is a major goal, yet there are still hundreds of millions of people around the globe who suffer from inferior living conditions, not to mention access to aid and other services. This is why the Human Rights Foundation is around to raise awareness in order to help those less fortunate. It is the goal of founder Thor Halvorseen to not only help those less fortunate, but call out those who aid the suppression of these people.

There are many countries out there where the people suffer from an inferior form of life due to the leader of the country. Angola is one such location. However, Niki Minaj decided to put on a private concert for the leaders of the nation and high ranking government officials. The Santos family, which runs Angola, discovered diamond and oil. It also used money from the oil and the diamond industry to kill politicians, activities, journalists and anyone else who fought against the family rule.

The Human Rights Foundation openly asked Nicki to cancel the concert due to all of the negative impacts the leading family has on the people of the nation. In fact, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization refers to Santos as a dictator and points to all of the innocent lives he has taken in his quest for more money.

However, Nicki did not cancel her concert and she went on with performing for the dictator on Christmas Day. It points out not only the way the leading Angola family goings about promoting themselves at the expense of the nation around him, but that some people are just going to do anything for money, even if it is for deplorable individuals who are the main cause for all of their suffering.

The Human Rights Foundation is all about improving the loves of those around them and doing whatever they can to help. it is also why Thor has done what he can to start the organization and to educate those individuals who might not know some issues. It is possible Nicki did not know about Santos or anything else related to Angola. Thor wanted to educate Nicki and make sure she fully understood why she shouldn’t go about performing for such evil individuals.

High Five For Autism Rocks!

Sanjay Shah is an aspiring and talented musician, He is a British Millionaire and a philanthropist. But most importantly he is a father. But not just any father, he is a father of an amazing boy who just happens to have autism. Sanjay Shah with such great passion and love for his son created a Go Fund Me account called Autism Rocks to not only raise money by rubbing elbows with famous and well loved musicians and actors by performing concerts and prodigious private events for the cause but also to raise awareness about autism. All proceeds are given to Autism Research Trust (ART) who then supports the incredible Autism Research Centre (ARC) based at Cambridge University. The great thing about what Sanjay Shah is doing is he is bringing attention to the fact that autism doesn’t need a cure but rather for people to be more understanding and educated on what the cause of autism is and how it effects each individual. The Go Fund Me campaign Autism Rocks is a force to be reckoned with as the mastermind behind the campaign works on getting the word out there in a way that most everyone can understand and that is through music. This is a man who adores his son and cares for his fellow man, He has been in magazines, in the news and in the spotlight for years as a humanitarian and a sponsor of children in India and is now using his knowledge and his reputation to help those who cannot always speak for themselves. The children and adults with autism. His 4 year old son Nikhil is helping to pave the way to a better more positive perception of autism. The Autism Rocks Campaign will hopefully raise the money necessary to help in the research and study on what autism is, what we need to understand about the condition and also how to help parents, families and doctors to treat the symptom’s of autism and help provide a long and wonderful life for those who are affected by autism.