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Southridge Capital: Unique Solutions to Financial Planning

Southridge Capital is a company offering advice and financial structuring for publicly owned companies. Beginning in 1996, Southridge has invested over $1.8 billion into businesses around the globe. Their financial experts strive to develop creative and state of the art ways to help their unique client base find financial security. Southridge Capital has a central team that creates and implements finance strategies for its clients. This management team consists of five financial experts who work diligently to ensure a positive outcome for clientele. As advisors, Southridge can offer financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, restructuring advice, bankruptcy help, as well as assisting with mergers. A more structured aspect of Southridge’s offerings include assistance with securitization, credit enhancement and finding solutions for financing. You can check out their website



Southridge Capital knows that businesses need financing, but may not always understand all of the available options. Therefore, Southridge takes it upon themselves to not only think find unique solutions for financing but work with existing assets and capital while including existing creditors in the discussion to fully optimize all of their client’s opportunities. Southridge’s Equity Purchase Agreement allows their clients to gain capital based on their needs or wants alone, without regard to the current market environment. Products offered include convertible preferred stock and offering loans against regular stock. For more details visit LinkedIn.


A major part of Soutridge Capital’s identity is its understanding of its responsibility to social causes. Philanthropy is key in the structure of the company and it supports volunteering and giving both officially as a company and casually. Southridge strives to be community leaders and believes this will have an impact on both smaller communities and society as a whole, in turn reinforcing the company. Southridge Capital provides monetary support for charities including the Daystar Foundation, Lounsbury House, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Eric B. Huss Scholarship Fund. The financial company also supports the Ridgeville Fountain Landmark and The Ridgeville Community Center, Walnut Community Hill Church, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church along with the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation and Danbury Hospital, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association and numerous other faith based and non-profit organizations.



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Choosing A Good Bank For Personal Or Business Needs

Are you researching financial institutions and their services? Do you want to know how to choose the right bank for your business or personal money management? Nexbank is a clear choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable bank.

NexBank, a Dallas-based financial services institution, announced the completion of a multi-million dollar deal with certain high-profile and institutional investors. This transaction involved private placement of its subordinated notes.

Choosing a reliable bank will definitely provide you with many benefits, whether it’s a business or personal bank account. Although there are many banks to choose from you need to take the time to check out the background of these institutions before making a choice.

Nexbank is a well-known bank and has an established history of rendering top-notch financial services and meeting the needs of clients and customers. The bank offers satisfactory services to residents of Dallas, Texas.

Different financial institutions often charge various fees for a vast range of financial products or services. It is crucial to consider fees that a financial institution charges customers. Many banks only charge a monthly fee if the customer does not maintain a minimum amount in their bank account. Financial institutions also have different policies when it comes to overdraft protection and fees.

One the most important issues to consider when choosing a business bank account is the requirements for opening the account. When you start shopping for a bank, you will find out that requirements for a business bank account typically vary depending upon your area, but generally include proof of identity, proof of business and an official company seal.

Sometimes financial institutions also require an Employer Identification Number. Also, you need to keep in mind that some institutions might require an excellent business credit rating.

When it comes to choosing a bank that offers great service for business or personal needs, look no further than Nexbank. This renowned institution has a great reputation in the industry and has been around for decades. The bank has qualified professionals who provide the highest quality service to customers.