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Whitney Wolfe Shows off Bumble App

There are a few people that are going to look at the dating app world and think that it is all the same. There are some differentiations in dating apps, and Whitney Wolfe is proving that the dating app environment does not have to be as mundane as it once was.

People that were looking for something different will appreciate what Whitney Wolfe has been able to do. She created an app called Bumble, and there has been lots of buzz about this dating application ever since inception. What she has been able to do is create a platform where women get the chance to make the first move. Technically it is the man that is making a move by sending a message to a woman, but the woman is the one that has the ball in her court. Whitney Wolfe designed this app where women would be able to respond to men instead of the traditional way that it initially was with men chasing down women.

Whitney Wolfe is showing people that the dating apps do not have be the same. It is something that makes this a much different app than a lot of the other apps that out there. There is a high level of respect for this young entrepreneur that has totally changed the way that people look at online dating. It is not so much that she has invented something new. It has more to do with the way that Whitney Wolfe has improved something that already existed.

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A lot of people are going to look at this as a fun experience. There are some women that may still want to be chased, but Bumble isn’t exactly for them. It is the new age app where are millennials are going to take the first steps.