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What Can We Expect from Eric Pulier Next?

Who is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier is a multi-talented and genius entrepreneur and has published several pieces of his work as an author and philanthropist. He has worked very hard to leave a positive mark on the entire world with his work and his talents.

Eric Pulier began studies in 1984 when he graduated from high school and went on to study at Harvard University. From there he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in English and also American Literature. The majority of his life has been focused on helping people who are in the lower areas of poverty and children who suffer from chronic illness. His career has been primarily based on technological ingenuity. As of today, he is considered one of the top guys in this field of the industry.

What are some articles that Eric Pulier has published?

As an author, Eric Pulier has published several pieces of work. He helped to co-author, in 2005, an article titled “Understanding Enterprise SOA”. In March of 2012 he wrote an article titled “The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” which was printed in Forbes Magazine just to name a couple of pieces.

So, what can we expect from Eric Pulier in the future?

There is so much that he has done in the past from helping to co-found or found 15 different companies. Some of these companies include MediaPlatformm, SOA Software, Us Media Interactive LLC, and Desktone to name a few of his successful companies. With his vast knowledge and experience in technology industry, he is often invited to speak, on a regular basis, at technology forums and conferences.

As for what is next for Eric Pulier? We don’t know much other than he is currently using his talents and sources at the Xprize Foundation, which holds competitions for people to participate in throughout the world to help come up with new ideas, solutions, and innovations to help solve some of the humanity’s most intractable problems. He is also using his position as board of directors for Painted Turtle, that helps children with chronic illnesses to attend a special summer camp. Another great accomplishment that Pulier has created was a game called Starlight World which makes an entertaining option to help children with diabetes understand what happens with their body and how insulin levels and blood sugars come in to play to learn more: click here.

So, we are excited to see what he will come up with definitely help make the world a better place, especially for those that need additional help with disadvantages in life.

Where can I find out more information on Eric Pulier?

There are several articles and sites that have information in Eric Pulier, but if you want additional information you can view his public LinkedIn account by visiting