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Dr. Segio Cortes is Now Touring the Flooded Areas of Xerém

The recent torrential rains in Xerém and the surrounding areas of Rio de Janero have brought flooding and landslides to the state and have also contributed to an ongoing health crisis. State Health Sec. Dr. Sergio Cortes has been touring the affected region and according to Extra.Globo has coordinated the establishment of seven emergency shelters help local citizens in this time of crisis. These type of heavy downpours caused by the weather phenomenon known as El Niño have only occurred in this area a couple times before which also resulted in landslides.

Dr. Sergio Cortes and his evaluation team have begun to take an aggressive action towards the contaminated waters that have been helping to spread illness and disease throughout the state and beyond. Dr. Cortes also explains how large volumes of him collect garbage have also made the situation even more severe. The Brazilian Ministry of Health along with the Federal Health Surveillance Agency have deployed special teams of of paid workers and volunteers to try to help alleviate the situation in conjunction with the upwards of 200,000 troops have also been sent throughout the nation.

The seven emergency shelters and been constructed also have the ability to house up to 300 people daily and have special chairs that have been converted into dengue hydration stations. Health Secretary Cortes is also began implemented teaching on crunchbase of workers in the emergency shelters to begin to gather samples that will be used to help better determine specifics of this situation. There shall also be classes that will be talked to local residents so that they may have a better transition using the bottled water to drink and for all their preparation needs. Bottled water could also be used for all food hygiene areas and on all plates and utensils as well.

Local residents and state workers will also be trained to be able to help find standing water that can be a breeding ground for the mosquito that has become the most prevalent transmitting agent for the Zika virus. The Zika virus has been blamed for a very large number of birth defects in Brazil. There have been almost 4000 children born with microcephaly in Brazil.Microcephaly if contracted by children of mothers that havea bitten by mosquitoes that transmit in the Zika virus upon them. The mothers in turn infect the fetus in the womb causing the child to be born with the birth defect.
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