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Open Doors at Rocketship Education

In order to help families struggling with low income, Rocketship Education has found a way by combining non- profit Charter public schools. There is always a trying time for someone when it comes to tuition just for education for growing children. It is a top priority to go to a decent school to learn and find what makes them happy in life.

Children between the ages of five to twelve need a good amount of education and why does it have to be so expensive? Families that have a hard time cannot save enough to ensure a decent education for their children. This is what Rocketship Education aims to resolve by helping and resolving this issue for so many people. There are seemingly countless stories of changed lives, all thanks to them.

There are programs to assist kids with learning disabilities and tutoring to lead them to success in due time. For the young ones, Rocketship uses a Kimochis curriculum, which helps kids to organize and understand their emotions just enough so that they could figure out their educational goals as well. It will help with relationships with other classmates, to be able to climb over learning disabilities and strengthen their confidence.

Not only does this affect students, but it also touches those who teach inside this organization. Teachers have had such wonderful experiences with their students over the years. As they worked to change these children’s lives, they, in turn, were changed by their students. Doing a great deal for children who come from poor neighborhoods and rough shortcomings at least deserve such caring instructors and those who are willing to cater to certain needs for each student. When life is such a strife to keep afloat for some families, then at least one worry can be lessened by ensuring that these children get fair treatment.

Betsy Devos: Giving to the Needy

How many people in Betsy Devos’ Calvin College graduating class could have predicted the force for good she would become?

Devos grew up in Michigan, the daughter of Edgar Prince. Edgar Prince founded a company that became an automobile parts supplier. Their home was in picturesque Holland, Michigan.

As a child of well-to-do parents, Betsy could have devoted herself to parties and pugs. Rather, she elected to tread the road less traveled. She dedicated her life to good works and the improvement of her nation.

Betsy Devos became an intelligent, commanding force for good in Michigan. She mastered finance to become a powerful fundraiser and taught herself organizational skills to manage her entities and personnel.

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It is commonly understood that Betsy Devos has a passion for quality education. This began when her own four children were attend grade school in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Betsy and husband Dick were invited to visit The Potter’s House, a local Christian school.

Ms. Devos’ first trip to The Potter’s House impressed her. The atmosphere, the dedication of the staff and the correct behavior of the children were all positive. This was vastly different from all of these elements in the local public school system.

Ms. Devos, never one to make decisions lightly, visited The Potter’s House several times before deciding that it was someplace she wanted to support. She realized that the parents of these at-risk children made many sacrifices to afford their safe, moral education. She realized that she wanted to assist such families. This initial investment was followed by many more in Michigan and around the United States.

By current calculations, the Devos family has donated more that $100 million dollars to worthy causes from education to arts, from leadership cultivation to community development, the Devos funds are working to improve our society.

Betsy Devos had given funds away to support hospitals, health research and Christian schools. Devos dollars have funded missions, arts organizations and free-market think tanks. She has donated funds to the Right to Life Michigan Education Fund and the Pregnancy Resource Center in Michigan. To protect individuals, Betsy has contributed to the Center for Individual Rights, the Institute for Justice and the Center for Individual Rights.

Working to improve her immediate home, Ms. Devos gave $2.39 million dollars to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, $652,000 to the Ada Christian School and $458,000 to Holland Christian Schools.

It is certainly obvious by this pattern of giving that Ms. Devos has a generous nature that has prompted her to give her funds away with a free hand. Her future-orientation is also demonstrated by her giving so much to education, preparing for a better future for individual students as well as for our society.

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Keith Mann Provides Scholarships For Uncommon High School Graduates

One of the most important things in the life of children is their education. The need for a quality education from K-12 is almost essential for all children today. The move towards a technology driven society has made education even more important over the past decade.


While education is important for all children, the ability to get a quality education can be a challenge for children who do not have the financial resources to live in a good school district from K-12. Also, the ability to go to college is reduced significantly without the needed financial resources.


Uncommon Schools is an organization that manages a network of charter schools from K-12. The organization has provided a high level of education for its students for many years. Recently, Uncommon Schools stated that Keith Mann has established a scholarship for graduating high school seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship is valued at $5,000. The graduating seniors who receive the scholarship can use the money towards any college expenses.


Keith Mann has a long history of helping children and schools with financial assistance regarding college. He has helped either directly with his own money or through assistance with helping to raise money for scholarships that can be awarded to deserving students.


As a businessman, Keith Mann has earned a good reputation as a hard working and successful businessman. He has a passion for business that has pushed him to excel with every position he has held during his professional career. Currently Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search firm.


Keith Mann manages the day-to-day business operations for his firm, and he provides a hands on approach regarding all aspects related to the clients at Dynamics Search Partners. With over 15 years of experience, Keith Mann has proven himself to be a top-notch executive recruiter.


The focus of Dynamic Search Partners is in the alternative investment industry. Keith Mann has helped hundreds of companies fill executive positions using his innovative approach to executive search. A smart businessman with a friendly personality, Keith Mann is helping companies to connect with the right person to fill key executive positions.