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George Soros Beckham Brexit


How many of you follow British politics? I am guessing not many of you do. I try to avoid it, if I can help it. However, there was one article that caught my attention pretty recently. It involved the political standpoint of staying in the European Union. Many are divided on this one. Some say to leave, while others say to stay. It’s a dicey situation, to say the least.


If any of you live in London, than you must be familiar with George Soros. He is the billionaire investor. Recently Us Today spoke with him about this very thing, along with others. Us Today wanted to get his perspective on this. After all, even people like BPM David Cameron was against this move. His exact words were “the Brits don’t quit”.

“I think it’s going to be a very damaging thing, from a financial standpoint, as well as political. Look what happened with Black Wednesday, nearly 25 years ago. That put us in the red in a very big way. It bankrupt the British Pound beyond recognition according to George Soros. We don’t want to go through this again. If our country left the European Union, than we could be facing major disasters. I agree with the BPM, the Brits don’t quit. I believe in our country, even if no one else does. If this happens, we could have a bigger issue that what we had with Black Wednesday. This is not good.”

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Billionaire Soros Was ‘Long’ on Pound Before Vote on Brexit

–George Soros–The Guardian Newspaper

How bad could this get? According to many, the BP could fall to nearly 15% below its normal state. It could even fall beyond 20%. When this happens, the BP will lose at least 15% of it’s value.

In Europe certain things are still unknown. According to George Soros, some feel that the bailout is an extension of who people feel about their own country. Some feel that getting out now is a good, solid move. Others are not to keep on making this move, even if it’a mostly a financial and political move.

“If we abandon ship now, we basically throw away who we are, what our country stands for. How is this patriotic, at least in our terms?”

–Anonymous source in Britain

No word yet as to how it will all turn out. People are keeping an eye on it. What is your opinion on this? How would you feel about a move like this. Please leave your comments in the section down below.

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Raising Gas Prices in Venezuela

Venezuela is in the middle of an economic crisis says expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez. There have been limits placed on making international calls to try to save money. One of the recent efforts to try to fix the economy is to raise fuel prices. This isn’t a minor increase. It is one that could lead to people staying at home as they aren’t able to afford the gas to put in their vehicles. Manuel Gonzalez has recently been appointed as the economy czar. He has been tasked with looking into what could fix the economy. There is a possibility that the country could get loans from China and other countries, but with a lack of being able to pay anyone back, it makes it difficult for others to be able to trust Venezuela. If oil prices remain at a higher level for a short time, then it could make a dent in what is owed by the country and the value of the currency, which could get the country on a right path economically.