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Deebo Has Squeaky Clean Teeth From Beneful Dental Twists

My dog Deebo is a Puriastore Beneful dog which means that he is happy and healthy due to the fact that he gets the right amount of nutrients he needs to be energized during the day. Deebo loves Beneful dog treats [] more than I can even put into words. He loves their treats as much as he loves his dog food because not only does Beneful dog food have nutrients and flavor but so do their dog treats. Deebo is a very good dog when he wants to be but occasionally I find him sneaking into the bag of dog food because he loves it that much. I buy Deebo many different kinds of Beneful dog treats and dog food and he seems to like every flavor or combination they have to offer. However, Deebo’s favorite Beneful dog food is their dry dog food playful life food because it gives him the energy to run around the dog park with his doggy friends or even catch a ball when I throw it to him. Not only does Beneful Playful life have real beef in it but it also has the egg to give Deebo extra protein to stay strong. Deebo not only likes Beneful dry dog food but he also likes Beneful chopped blends wet dog food and loves every flavor they have to offer. The type of Beneful treats that I buy for Deebo are Beneful dental twists and hugs. Beneful’s dental twists keep Deebo’s clean and shiny and Beneful hugs treats are beef and cheese flavored which always makes Deebo a happy dog. My favorite thing about Beneful dog food is that it not only keeps Deebo healthy but it also is cheap enough especially if bought from Wal-mart that I don’t have to stress about not being able to afford it like I did with other dog food brands.




Healthy Dog Food Next Wave in Pet Food Trends


It is almost impossible to ignore the health food craze from organic ingredients to health food cleanses. As we focus on our own nutritional needs and strive to live a healthy lifestyle, the per food market has recently expanded to make these healthy trends available to our favorite four legged friends. With the pet food industry accounting for about $23.7 billion in business annually, the premium, healthy dog food trend could have a substantial impact on the market.

The Daily Herald recently featured this new premium dog food phenomenon in an article about how traditional dog food makers are making the leap into the health conscious dog food trend. More than just a simple marketing ploy, the statistics show that premium dog food sales have risen 45 percent since 2009. Dog food makers are paying particular attention to the ingredients of their product, with a greater focus on lean meats and organic and natural ingredients.

Beneful is no stranger to the premium dog food game. Beneful has been on the market since 2001 and has grown to a top producer in the industry. It now offers a wide variety of dry and wet food options, which are tailored to the specific nutritional needs by dog size and age. Beneful also stands out in the dog food market by providing reusable, resealable dog food containers, which keeps keep the food fresh and uncontaminated.

In addition to providing a wide range of dog food options, Purinastore’s Beneful stands behind its products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Beneful certainly puts its money where its mouth is in terms of guaranteeing that customers will love its healthy dog food options. In an industry where top producers are spending millions of dollars annually on all kinds of advertising and promotion, it refreshing to see a brand back up its products on their own merit. With something as precious as the safety and health of your furry best friend, trusting a brand with the reputation and proven track record like Beneful is an easy decision.