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Eli Gershkovitch Steamrolls Over The Competition With Steamworks Brewery

Gone are the days of limited beer selections. Walk into any reputable establishment that serves alcohol, and you can choose from a myriad of cleverly named craft beers. Craft beer menus regularly feature traditional pale ales and lagers along with wild flavor concoctions like bacon maple donut beer and blueberry cream ale.

So, What Exactly Is A Craft Beer?

The broad definition of a craft beer is any beer made by a brewer that is small, independent and traditional. The term ‘craft beer’ was born out of necessity. Beer connoisseurs will remember when microbreweries started to show up on their radar in the early 90s. As microbrews grew in popularity, the microbrewers were limited by their name. The term “microbrewery” is a legal term that describes a small brewery that sells less than 10,000 barrels of beer each year. Microbrewers were forced to change their name or face restrictions, so the phrase ‘craft beer’ was coined, mainly because the beer is crafted as opposed to being manufactured.

Steamworks Brewery

Vancouver, British Columbia has become the unofficial capital of the craft beer world. Every month new brew pubs and breweries are popping up around the city. One brewery, however, has been around since the mid-90s. Situated in historic Gastown, Vancouver, Steamworks Beer Company has been churning out fresh and flavorful beers for more than two decades. Steamwork’s CEO and brew master Eli Gershkovitch knew he was on to something when he opened the Gastown location (BeerMe). The building had a unique steam powered heating system which inspired Eli Gershkovitch to design Canada’s only steam powered brewery. Under Eli Gershkovitch’s watchful eye the company has become a giant in the craft beer industry, and in 2013 a second, much larger Steamworks Brewery and Brewpub opened its doors in Burnaby, British Columbia.


Who Is Eli Gershkovitch?

Eli Gershkovitch is an innovator, beer master, businessman, pilot, classic car enthusiast and an attorney. Upon completion of law school, Eli Gershkovitch decided to spend a year exploring Europe before going into practice. It was in Heidelberg, Germany that he would discover a lifelong passion for beer. Years later, Eli Gershkovitch would combine his legal expertise, his interest in advertising and his discerning taste in beer to found one of the most successful craft beer breweries in North America.