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How Aloha Construction Can Help Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Homeowners

Aloha Construction Inc. is an Illinois-based company that offers it services throughout that state as well as southern Wisconsin. The four main services they offers are siding, roofing, gutter, and windows for residential customers. The company is especially busy after the storms that pound that region of the country regularly during the fall and winter months.

There are a number of reasons for why someone might want to repair or replace their roof. Aloha Construction says that some people replace their roof because it’s getting old and leaky while others need to replace parts of even relatively new roofs because of wind and storm damage. When replacing a roof, Aloha Construction Inc. follows a nine step inspection process in order to make sure the work is needed to begin with and then is properly completed if they determine work needs to be performed. When completing a roofing project they offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty so that the homeowner is properly taken care of.

Siding repair and installation can also be a task that is beyond the skills of many homeowners. Aloha Construction does this work not only to restore the damage done after a storm but also because restoring your home’s siding leads to a better look to your home and by extension increased property value. They work with all forms of siding including Hardee Board, wood, aluminum, stucco, fiber cement, and other less common siding materials.

Windows break or fail for a variety of reasons. It might be age, a baseball, or anything else striking the window. The professionals at Aloha Construction can replace windows regardless of whether it is a wood or vinyl version. They have completed hundreds of these types of projects over the years and have even completed projects involving replacing all of the windows in a home.

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