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The Involvement of Jed McCaleb in Technology

Technology is quickly evolving, and there is the need for keeping up the pace. Jed McCaleb is one person who believes in leveraging technology with the intention of doing away with inefficiencies and bettering the conditions in which human beings live. He first created a network known as eDonkey. The platform was known for its speed in sharing large files. He also came up with the very first bitcoin exchange app known as Mt. Gox. He did not stop at that. He continued with his technological innovations and created Ripple. In the year 2014, he established Stellar after noticing that the world was faced with difficulties as far as financial infrastructure is concerned. He also noted that many people had suffered a tremendous loss of resources.

Stellar is a financial network which is focused on improving the participation of every individual in commercial activities. Jed McCaleb is the head of the company’s technical team. Stellar gets the so needed support of a nonprofit organization known as The sponsor is known for combining technology with up-to-date financial knowledge. It also plays an essential role in open-sourcing software. In case research regarding artificial intelligence is required, Jed is always ready to offer necessary advice to MIRI. The ideas of starting Stellar was conceived out of the interest that Jed McCaleb has had regarding Bitcoin. After understanding that Bitcoin is a distributed database and understanding that Bitcoin would solve a lot including connecting financial organizations, Jed McCaleb became more confident that technology would indeed transform the world.

It is the potential vested in Bitcoin that inspired the creation of Stellar. The mode of Steller’s operation is different from that of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin transfers value from one individual to another, Stellar brings various financial institutions closer. The World Bank’s statistics suggest that over half of the world’s adult population (2.5 billion people) do not have access to banks accounts and as such incur astronomical fees any time they need to send money to friends or relatives. Stellar aims at opening brand new sources for financial networks that will help financial institutions move money with much ease.

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José Auriemo Neto, Growing Brazil’s Economy via Fashion

José Auriemo Neto is a name that you may be familiar with. He’s the CEO and Chairman of JHSF Participacoes, SA. He’s also listed as the founder and CEO of Cidade Jardim, an upscale mall in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This mall is an accomplishment that was major for Neto, as it brought many designer names to Brazil. The mall features many dining options and brands such as Jimmy Choo and Hermes. The company even partnered with Valentino to bring new business and fashion to Brazil. Neto is one of the very few real estate developers worldwide that’s credited as being an expert in both fashion and real estate. He’s been recognized in the “Business of Fashion 500,” which is an exclusive list, typically only for those who focus solely on fashion.

José Auriemo Neto began his career in 1992. After joining his fathers business of JHSF, he was a leader of Parkbem, which specializes in parking management as a services provider. He quickly moved into real estate development and started developing shopping malls. With Bela Vista and Ponta Negra, he successfully made his mark on the retail map. Among his beginning ventures, he also added the first subway station and took on a major project in Santa Cruz.

José Auriemo Neto has the education to back his credentials. Being a graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo, he prepared with coursework in engineering and development. Currently, at 40 years old, Neto has quite a resume. His work not only has strengthened the local economy but, fulfilling a great demand that Brazilian’s had been wanting to take advantage of. With Neto’s varied background and exceptional skill level, it seems he’s destined for success. Neto is a business leader who you’ll probably be hearing much about in the future.

Paul Mampilly and How He Helps Everyday Americans Make

Most people have plans to invest their money. The main problem comes about when trying to choose investments options that will provide with significant returns. Unless you have some experience in this field, you will probably hire an investment advisor, and one of the investors to work with right now is Paul Mampilly.

Mr. Mampilly has worked on Wall Street for over 20 years before retiring and taking up the post of a senior editor, author, and researcher with Banyan hill publishing. Here, he helps ordinary citizens by publishing a monthly newsletter highlighting the best investment for that month. Additionally, he releases a weekly podcast where he talks about two stock options and what to expect from them within that week. While all his predictions might not be right, you have about a ninety percent chance of getting a hefty return on your investment if you follow his suggestions.

Before he retired at the age of 42, Paul Mampilly had worked for different companies in various positions. His journey on Wall Street began in 1991, after emigrating from India, when he was working as an assistant portfolio manager. From here, he worked at Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetic Asset management managing their hedge fund. While at the different companies he has been a hedge fund manager, financial analyst, researcher, author, and editor. However, he describes himself as a long-term investor. Currently, the trends he is most keen are the millennial trend and the internet of things trend.

Paul has an MBA from Fordham University, New York and over two years of hand on work experience from working on Wall Street. He uses these skills to analyze the stock market and pick the most profitable looking companies. Paul then passes this information on to ordinary Americans, some of whom tune into his podcast and others who subscribe to his monthly newsletter, Profits Unlimited for forty-nine dollars. He also writes another newsletter called Extreme Fortunes.

Apart from his numerous accomplishments as an investor, Paul Mampilly has also managed to feature a couple of times on fox business news, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Reuters among other TV stations. Between 208 and 2009 he participated in an investment competition organized by the Templeton Foundation. He managed to grow his starting capital of 50 million to about 88 million, despite the financial crisis that was looming during that period.

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”All Of The Above” With Norman Lear is an intimate weekly podcast show airing on, iTunes and the Podcast One app. The enlightening show covers different conversations ranging from family, comedy, music, current events, social issues, and politics among other matters. The show is produced and hosted by Norman Lear who is a well-known writer, director, creator and producer of legendary television sitcoms such as The Jeffersons, Maude, One Day At A Time, Good Times And All In The Family. The show features different celebrities, politicians, and everyday people. Lear is joined by a known composer and actor Paul Hipp in the series every week.

Celebrity guests that have been featured on the show include America Ferrera, Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichaekl and Julia Louise Dreyfus. The podcast show premiered on May 1st this year and fans have enjoyed watching the show with episodes that are entertaining for every peer group.

Normal who is almost ninety-five years has had a life of different talents. Mr.Pattiz; a World War II veteran, is instrumental in the birth of television. He has produced, created and written more than a hundred television shows with nine on air at one time. He is also the founder of People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group with more than 300,000 members. He has a National Medal of the Arts award, awarded to him by American President Clinton and he also purchased the original Declaration Of Independence copy and toured it in all the fifty states in ten years. Learrn more:

During the launch of the show at the PodcastOne network, Norman Pattiz the executive chairman of the network welcomed the show and mentioned that he had known Norman for a long time and having his podcast on their network was not only cool but gigantic. Fans can get to watch the great show after subscribing to it on the podcastOne network and iTunes.

Norman Pattiz is an entrepreneur in the American broadcasting industry and also the founder of Westwood One and PodcastOne. He has been the executive chairman at PodcastOne from June 2016. Before founding PodcastOne network, he was the founder and chief executive officer of the well-known radio giant Westwood One which is the largest American radio networker providing sports, news, entertainment traffic, and talk programs for the American broadcasting industry.

Pattiz launched podcastOne in 2013, and the firm has become a leader in providing audio on demands programs. Pattiz has also been a Broadcasting member of the Board of Governors of the United States after being appointed in 2000 by President Clinton and being reappointed ion 2009 by President Bush. Learn more: