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How Don Ressler Helped To Develop Fabletics

Don Ressler, the co-founder and CEO of the clothing companies Fabletics and JustFab, has recently given interviews describing his role in the development of his fashion empire. The successful businessman described all of the effort and hard work that he and his business partner Adam Goldberg had to complete in order to make the business what it is today. Ressler stated that his biggest dreams were always to work in the fashion industry and to operate as an executive in his own business. Both these dreams have become a reality as a result of the dedication Don Ressler has shown in his day to day involvement in the Ressler-Goldberg fashion empire.

Don Ressler gave extensive details regarding his development of the empire after its initial launch. After the business was successfully launched to the public, a great deal of effort went into the attempt to keep the clothing business fresh and relevant. Don Ressler was extremely instrumental in the continual progression of the company on the During his interview with a national business magazine, Ressler stated that his main focus after the initial launch of the company was to develop advertising campaigns that would allow consumers to see the true value of the company.

Don Ressler immediately began to strategize in the advertising department of JustFab and Fabletics. For the department of the company that represented JustFab, Ressler thought that a celebrity endorsement would be exactly what the company needed to move forward. After discussing partnerships with several people, Ressler’s team decided to partner with Kimora Lee Simons (ex wife of music mogul, Russel Simmons) for advertising purposes. Kimora Lee Simons was pitched about the product and quickly fell in love with the quality of designs represented in the JustFab line. Simons purchased stock in the company and became an active agent in its representation. JustFab was well on its way to record breaking sales at

After the partnership with Kimora Lee Simons turned out to be an amazing success, Ressler felt it was best to partner with another big name for the relaunch of Fabletics. After discussing many possible candidates, Ressler and Goldberg decided to pitch actress Kate Hudson. Hudson, like Simons, quickly fell in love with the product and made negations to add her designs to the collection. Fabletics was launched the following year and achieved even greater sales than JustFab. Don Ressler was truly elated to experience the major success of two companies that he created.

Sanjay Shah and Raising Awareness

For a fun-filled event that supports an important cause of helping children around the world, it is recommended to checkout the Autism Rocks foundation which annually hosts some of the best events to attend with some of the most famous performers that all support the donation of money towards the research of autism. Autism Rocks is a foundation that was created by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his family to further the research of this development disorder. With a young son who was diagnosed five years ago with the development disorder, Mr. Shah has been a dedicated father to learn more about how the brain processes information with this disorder.


 In recent news, Mr. Shah has created the Autism Awareness month which is officially held in April. During this month, star-studded performers will be performing in front of crowds to help raise money for this worthy cause. Stars such as Tyga, Flo Rida, and many others will all be making an appearance and will be even donating to the cause themselves. All of the donations specifically go towards to research of autism to figure out how exactly the mind processes information when diagnosed with this development disorder. These performances will not only raise money for the cause, but will also raise awareness to individuals located all over the world.


The young son of Sanjay Shah and his wife is the inspiration behind this foundation that has already done so much good. Though Mr. Shah knows that there is a reform to help those with special needs, more information is required to be provided to continue to educate individuals about the cause and what to do. This will not only save the painstaking efforts that loved ones must go through, but this will also save thousands of dollars of annual medical bills that are necessary to monitor those with this development disorder.


Autism Rocks is a charity organization that has been up and running for the past two years. Though this foundation is fairly new, it is a foundation that has already raised millions of dollars for the cause of helping to further the overall research. Though Mr. Shah has no intention of curing his young son from autism, he wants to learn more about the disorder in order to figure out better strategies that he can use for communication purposes. Though the foundation is only two years old, millions of individuals are now aware.

Weapons Historian and Writer Michael Zomber

One of the most well known weapons historians is Michael Zomber. For over four decades he has gathered weapons from the Civil War and Japanese samurai era. Once collecting these weapons he has studied them and has therefore acquired a considerable amount of knowledge about these two distinct historical periods. After studying these weapons and the time periods they were used in, Michael decided to use his storytelling ability to compliment his knowledge. As a result he has written a number of screenplays and novels. Michael has made some of them in the form of films. Therefore Zomber has provided others with not only knowledge of these two historical periods but also entertainment as well.

Michael Zomber has a passion for weapons from the Civil War and Japanese samurai eras. With this passion he has made a number of stories about these two time periods. One of the forms of stories he has made is in screenplays and films. With his knowledge and passion for these two eras, he has written screenplays which tell the story of samurai warriors pertaining to their lives and participation in armed conflicts. These screenplays and films have been quite engaging and will therefore be quite intriguing to those who share Michael’s passion for the Japanese samurai era. Zomber has also done the same for the Civil War period as well.

Another form of storytelling that Michael has made is novels. These novels are also about the samurai and Civil War eras. Similar to the screenplays and films, the novels provide a lot of insight and intriguing events that take place during the samurai era and Civil War. These novels highlight key battles as well as the use of the weapons that Michael Zomber has studied during his lifetime. Along with the screenplays and films, the novels are even more interesting stories that provide readers with an in depth perspective of these two historical time periods. As a result Zomber has provided people with engaging stories about the Japanese samurai and Civil War that they can enjoy. With his stories, readers and viewers will have a number of sources to help them learn more about these two unique and significant historical time periods. For more information, check out Michael’s Facebook page, or read his full bio on CrunchBase.

Brian Bonar Awarded Cambridge Who’s Who Award For His Exceptional Work In Finance

Brian Bonar has earned a lot of recognition in the world of finances for his extensive experience in professional management fields. He has over 3 decades worth of experience relating to a variety of financial matters. Due to his experience and ability, Brian was recognized by Cambridge and received the Who’s Who award for Executive of the Year in Finance.

The award is in direct acknowledgement to his position at Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

It has been more than a decade since Brian Bonar took up his position as CEO and Chairmen at Dalrada Financial Corporation. As the companies Chief Executive Officer, he players a critical role in managing a variety of different aspects for the company.

This includes employees, employee benefits, and aftermarket products. The company works as a Liaison for marketing by delivering a wide variety of different programs for employees, designed to boost the efficiency of a business. These programs include business management, financial management, risk management insurance, and promotional services. You can read more: The New Frontier

Brian Bonar is also a Chief Executive and Chairman at Smart-Tek Automated Services as well as the current head of Allegiant Professional Business. He still has an active partnership with the American Finance Association as well.

The honorary award from Cambridge, Who’s Who, is based around recognized the special talents of a few individuals over the course of a year. The selection comes down to two females and two males. The committee is charged with a daunting task hunting down the most qualified executives to be nominated for the award. They focus on a variety of different attributes, such as leadership ability, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc

Brian has been recognized as a top financial executive for a long time now. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Trucept Inc. Much of his success in the world of business can be chalked up to his achievements in academics and his training. Bonar earned a degree in Technical Engineer from the James Watt Technical College, followed by earning his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Throughout his longtime running career, Brian has worked at many different companies with an outstanding track record. He has worked as a manager at IBM, and a Director of Engineering at QMS, where he was tasked with managing more than 100 different employees. Through his position as a Sales Manager at Adapted, Brian has developed an exceptional ability for marketing.

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QNET- Global Partner in Life Improvement Efforts

QNET is a prominent direct sales corporation started in 1998 in Hong Kong. Since then, it has grown to be one of the world’s most recognized direct selling organizations. Since its start, QNET has expanded to many countries in Asia including the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia. The company has over 25 offices, privately run franchises, and stockists all over the world. India is just one of the countries that has benefited from the vastly spread wings of the QNET corporation, with 3 offices located in that country. 

QNET however, is not just about business. They are also a leader in world humanitarianism. Recently, QNET made a substantial financial donation of Rs. 75 Lakhs to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for the victims of the Chennai flood at IIFA Utsavam, an award show honoring the South Indian Film Industry. This year’s award show theme was dedicated to the flood victims and received overwhelming support from the entire film industry in that region. QNET – WE CARE’s motto is Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, and this was powerfully echoed in the program theme. 

QNET-WE CARE is a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) initiative started by QNET in India. The initiative focuses not only on victims of natural disasters, but impoverished, underprivileged or disabled individuals as well. The monetary donation as well as one providing material goods such as cooking pots, mats, sheets and household good to 200 affected families whose homes had been washed away by the flooding came through QNET – WE CARE. 

To ensure the proper distribution and management of allocated funds, QNET- WE CARE has teamed up with Lions Club, another giant in the global race to help those in need. The organization also encourages each member of its team to get involved and be ‘hands-on’ in helping others. This increases morale and a sense of well-being amongst employees. They even provide sporting activities for the physically handicapped.

Recently, QNET partnered with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) and became it’s official direct sells partner for the next three years. QNET takes a special interest in sports because they feel that the passion, enthusiasm, and drive of a team on and of the sports field reflects that of their own not just in business, but in the world community as well.

Like QNET’s Facebook page or follow them on Instagram to learn more about their team and their business.

The New Age of Human Rights

Human rights have fallen under the forefront of many international organizations and agencies. The goal of providing a quality way of living to individuals around the world is a major goal, yet there are still hundreds of millions of people around the globe who suffer from inferior living conditions, not to mention access to aid and other services. This is why the Human Rights Foundation is around to raise awareness in order to help those less fortunate. It is the goal of founder Thor Halvorseen to not only help those less fortunate, but call out those who aid the suppression of these people.

There are many countries out there where the people suffer from an inferior form of life due to the leader of the country. Angola is one such location. However, Niki Minaj decided to put on a private concert for the leaders of the nation and high ranking government officials. The Santos family, which runs Angola, discovered diamond and oil. It also used money from the oil and the diamond industry to kill politicians, activities, journalists and anyone else who fought against the family rule.

The Human Rights Foundation openly asked Nicki to cancel the concert due to all of the negative impacts the leading family has on the people of the nation. In fact, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization refers to Santos as a dictator and points to all of the innocent lives he has taken in his quest for more money.

However, Nicki did not cancel her concert and she went on with performing for the dictator on Christmas Day. It points out not only the way the leading Angola family goings about promoting themselves at the expense of the nation around him, but that some people are just going to do anything for money, even if it is for deplorable individuals who are the main cause for all of their suffering.

The Human Rights Foundation is all about improving the loves of those around them and doing whatever they can to help. it is also why Thor has done what he can to start the organization and to educate those individuals who might not know some issues. It is possible Nicki did not know about Santos or anything else related to Angola. Thor wanted to educate Nicki and make sure she fully understood why she shouldn’t go about performing for such evil individuals.

High Five For Autism Rocks!

Sanjay Shah is an aspiring and talented musician, He is a British Millionaire and a philanthropist. But most importantly he is a father. But not just any father, he is a father of an amazing boy who just happens to have autism. Sanjay Shah with such great passion and love for his son created a Go Fund Me account called Autism Rocks to not only raise money by rubbing elbows with famous and well loved musicians and actors by performing concerts and prodigious private events for the cause but also to raise awareness about autism. All proceeds are given to Autism Research Trust (ART) who then supports the incredible Autism Research Centre (ARC) based at Cambridge University. The great thing about what Sanjay Shah is doing is he is bringing attention to the fact that autism doesn’t need a cure but rather for people to be more understanding and educated on what the cause of autism is and how it effects each individual. The Go Fund Me campaign Autism Rocks is a force to be reckoned with as the mastermind behind the campaign works on getting the word out there in a way that most everyone can understand and that is through music. This is a man who adores his son and cares for his fellow man, He has been in magazines, in the news and in the spotlight for years as a humanitarian and a sponsor of children in India and is now using his knowledge and his reputation to help those who cannot always speak for themselves. The children and adults with autism. His 4 year old son Nikhil is helping to pave the way to a better more positive perception of autism. The Autism Rocks Campaign will hopefully raise the money necessary to help in the research and study on what autism is, what we need to understand about the condition and also how to help parents, families and doctors to treat the symptom’s of autism and help provide a long and wonderful life for those who are affected by autism.

Rising in the Face of Tragedy

In April of 2015, an earthquake reaching a magnitude of 8 shook Nepal to its very core, injuring over 23,000 people and killing over 9,000. The nation has been struck incredibly hard by this tragedy, with very few resources left to aid those still scrambling to save themselves from the devastation. The Nepali Association of North American has issued a challenge to the president of the United States. In this challenge there is a call to donate one million dollars to the relief effort.
Benjamin E. Mays has gone to Nepal in order to provide whatever help he can. His pictures from the scenes of chaos in Nepal provide a gruesome picture of just how important foreign aid is needed in order to reverse this tragedy. The quake has broken millions of individuals, and Mr. Mays calls for the citizens of the US not to further the tragedy by being complacent. Action is required on the ground, and one can aid by funding the campaign to save Nepal.
Majeed Ekbal, a well known Senior Marketing Executive in Chicago has answered this call through a GoFundMe campaign. As an executive member of Expresso Inc., Majeed Ekbal has been providing whatever aid he can to the relief effort utilizing his own resources. Now he is expanding his reach to the people of the United States. As Majeed has a great many personal ties to Nepal, he wants nothing more than to contribute to its prosperity and recovery.
By providing a means to donate money to the effort, Majeed Ekbal has begun to fulfill his purpose. It is vital that he gets his message out, so that he may funnel whatever resources in his possession to the relief fund that he has pledged himself to aid. He does not believe in complacency, and his business success is a testament to that fact. His is lighting a beacon of hope for Nepal in the united states, and by donating to this cause, people are capable of avoiding the plague of complacency themselves and contributing to saving loves. Through this GoFundMe campaign, everyone has a chance to help save Nepal.

Coriant Hired Shaygan Kheradpir To Help Their Company

Shaygan Kheradpir is the newest member of Coriant’s team as he recently stepped into the role of chief executive officer in September earlier this year. Mr. Kheradpir used to work at Marlin Equity Partners, the financier of Coriant, as one of the operating partners which is one of the highest positions at Marlin Equity. Coriant is a company that deals with network systems, simply put are interfaces and storage systems for various technologically-dependent businesses, particularly those who perform customer service and need connected phone and computer systems to properly run their business.

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir is originally from the Middle East, where his father and mother were originally from. Shaygan graduated high school and then went to Cornell University and studied electrical engineering. Few people are able to go to an Ivy League school, let alone earn a doctorate in electrical engineering. Mr. Kheradpir has done lots of things in his career with this strong educational background.

Fierce Telecom originally posted this article describing Shaygan Kheradpir’s hire to Coriant which can be located right here

Coriant provides their services to the majority of the largest Tier 1 communication service providers around the world, with the tally at nine out of ten. Few other companies are able to say that they help so many customer service representative companies and other communication-related companies, but Coriant holds this privilege as by far one of the best companies of its kind. Coriant was formed three years ago by aquiring Nokia Seimens Network, Sycamore Communications, and Tellabs.

Shaygan Kheradpir has a long history of working for companies that create control systems, information systems, mobile apps, and many other things related to technology. He has worked for Verizon Communications, one of the most important positions he held throughout his career. He worked at GTE Laboratories for a while until it became Verizon and started out at the leading executive of the e-commercial division of business. Kheradpir has done many great things, and he will continue to bring outstanding decision making skills and business decisions to Coriant’s proverbial table.