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Dr. Rod Rohrich is Attending the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Symposium

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a name worth noting in the plastic surgery industry. He is a true leader of the industry and one of the prides of Dallas, Texas, where he practices his passion and profession. Dr. Rohrich is the Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center though his expertise is known around the world. Part of what made him the man he is today is his precise and artistic approach to cosmetic surgery, which has produced some exquisite results within the history of cosmetic surgery. Perhaps these are some of the reasons colleagues, students, and patients respect his work so profoundly.It should be noted that many people are excited about his attendance to the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. This symposium is considered one of the biggest in the United States, and it has meant a lot to the cosmetic industry.

It has been a place where some of the most successful plastic surgeons have trained and is now the place where Dr. Rohrich is planning to moderate the Pragmatic Solutions in Lower Lid Blepharoplasty panel, which is going to show a number of lectures along with video presentations. This is on top of the Elegant Outcomes in Body Contour Surgery panel, which the good doctor was also kind of enough to moderate. Still, one thing that many people are truly excited about is that the legendary Dr. Rohrich is going to be performing Primary Open Rhinoplasty live for those who wish to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event.Dr. Rohrich is more than happy to be one of the plastic surgery specialists leading this entire panel towards the future.

The points that are going to be addressed include many innovations in the industry, such as lasers, IPL, and vaginal rejuvenation just to name a few things. The doctor knows how important some of these points are, not only to those who are attending these panels but to people around the world.It is easy to dismiss this industry as something particularly shallow, but the truth is that it is more than that. Dr. Rohrich, and many of his colleagues, know that the best cosmetic treatments is all about unveiling the inner-truth of a person. It is all about giving an individual an opportunity to shine and to be the best version of themselves. This gives people hope, self-confidence, and a chance at a life they have always dreamed of. Suffice it to say, Dr. Rohrich is one of those individuals who wants to help people and wants to give more plastic surgeon hopefuls the opportunity to do what he has done.

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OSI Continues to Grow Internationally

Aurora, Illinois based food supplier OSI operates 65 processing plants in 17 countries. The company recently marked the twentieth-anniversary of its China operation. OSI’s decision to do business in China is based on that country’s emergence as an economic power-house.

Upon the completion of two new facilities in China OSI will have a total of 10 plants operating in the country. Once the new plants are up and running the company will be the largest poultry producer in China.

To complement its food production business OSI has opened a feed mill in the Shandong Province. That mill’s ability to produce over a billion pounds of feed a year makes it the most productive feed mill in China.

OSI’s growth has not been limited to China. The company plans on expanding some plants while building seven completely new plants. India, Poland, Hungary, and the United States will benefit from this growth.

The new plant here at home will be located in Geneva, Illinois. As the focus of the Geneva facility will be producing frozen entrees the building will be attached to a building belonging to the Millard company. Millard specializes in cold food storage and distribution.

Last year, OSI acquired the Dutch company Baho. Baho produces cold cuts and snack foods for restaurants. COO and President of OSI David G. McDonald explained how the purchase of Baho was part of a larger business strategy, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.”

Keeping a company that operates in different cultures viable can be a challenge. McDonald meets that challenge by not to applying American tastes and values to every market. He stresses “engagement” not only with customers in foreign markets but with the local officials as well. This approach creates a better understanding of the customers’ needs and the country’s business climate.

David G. McDonald is a 1987 graduate of Iowa State University where he earned a BS in Animal Science. McDonald began his career with OSI as a project manager. He has served as OSI’s COO and President for the last 30 years.

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Rick Smith Makes Prison Technology and Correction Services Popular and Accessible

Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, is credited with making prison technologies and correction services popular and accessible to people across the country. As the head of the largest prison technology firm, Rick Smith Securus made sure that the company is providing innovative solutions that are addressing the needs of various prison services. He follows a simple procedure of identifying the missing sections in a world-class service and fills up those gaps with a talented team of engineers at the firm. The company offers end-to-end solutions to inmates, jail administrations, correction agencies, investigating departments, government organizations, and more. Smith believes that right chord of technology and solutions are a need of the time and compromising on it can pull the firm out of the industry. Visit for more info.

Under him, the firm offers a number of high-quality solutions to address the needs of various types of customers. The services include family and friends, corrections solutions, investigative solutions, monitoring solutions, and public safety solutions. The family and friends services are aimed to address the needs of inmates with various options such as phone services, video services, email services, money transfer, and jail voicemail. It connects inmates with outside world including the family member and friends, vice versa. Since the firm has connectivity with almost all the prisons in U.S., it works as a single platform of contact for inmates and family members. The services are hugely popular, and it has registered a record handling of 1,000,000 calls on Christmas Day 2016.

The public safety solutions of the firm helping the law enforcement agencies and city departments to consolidate, store, and distribute various data associated with public safety and crime records. It also ensures quick and efficient access to those data instantly for any emergency dispatch. The investigative solutions are addressing the needs of investigative agencies by identifying, storing, and analyzing critical data which is helpful for investigations. The tools of the firm are designed to make quick analysis using advanced data analytics and various biometric verification solutions. The correction solutions are aimed to give advancement in incarceration experience with world-class information management. The monitoring solutions are offered to different government agencies, and it includes RF-based and GPS monitoring systems, reporting services, support programs, locating tracking, and supervision.

Rick played a crucial role in converting the firm into the industry leader in inmate and correction solutions. His vision of providing the best solutions helped the company to win accolades from industry bodies. Before working with Securus, Rick Smith collaborated with Eschelon Telecom Inc, as its President and Chief Operating Officer. He also worked with Global Crossing North America Inc and took up various responsibilities. Rick completed Bachelors in Engineering from the State University of New York and did MBA from the University of Rochester. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Sheldon lavin

Who is Sheldon Lavin? Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He also serves as the global food provider’s President.Sheldon Lavin sort of just woke up with a career in the meat industry. Lavin got his first taste of success in business as investor and executive in the banking industry. He even reached the point of owning his own financial consulting firm before making the career shift in the late 1970’s after years of arranging financing for Otto & Sons, now OSI.

Lavin helped OSI secure funding the company needed to build a meat processing facility soon after being brought on as a financial adviser. The facility played a major role in the company becoming the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s. As he became more involved with the corporation ownership eventually asked him to come on as a business partner full time. Though at first apprehensive Lavin decided to accept the offer.With Lavin as a new partner OSI Group expanded its reach tremendously throughout the 1980’s, building facilities in South America and Taiwan. Lavin became the sole owner of OSI in the early 1980’s when last remaining partner retired more than 13 years ago. Later expansion territories included the Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India and South Africa.

The OSI Group was the recipient of the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award in 2016.In 2016 Sheldon Lavin was also recognized, being awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin was honored with the award because of his distinguished achievement of guiding the OSI Group from a humble domestic food company to becoming a global multi billion dollar food processor.Today, OSI employs close to 20,000 employees and has over 55 facilities worldwide. Osi continues to explore further growth.




Whitney Wolfe and the Modern Dating Revolution

As the world continues to adopt modern technology across different spheres of life, the dating scene has also undergone many significant changes over the years. Gone are the days when you had to go out physically if you ever hoped to get a match as today you can easily do that with the help of an app. Among the two most popular dating apps that are available in the market today are Tinder and Bumble. What do the two have in common? Both companies were founded in part and wholly by Whitney Wolfe.

Although Whitney Wolfe later resigned from Tinder, a company that she co-founded in the year 2012, she still carries on as the CEO of Bumble. In the few years that this dating app has been in operation, Whitney Wolfe has almost single handedly transformed it into what is now ranked as the fourth most popular dating app in the world.The Bumble dating app is supposed to work like a regular dating app on paper but it has a number of unique properties to which a significant portion of its unprecedented success can be attributed.

The most significant of this is the fact that unlike other regular dating apps, only female members can initiate contact when using the app. The main advantage here is that more contacts initiated are likely to bear fruitful results as women generally only initiate contact with people in whom they are really interested and not just poking around. At present Bumble has already garnered more than 11 million registered users.Whitney Wolfe is neither new to the dating world nor to that of technology. In 2014 she was named among the 30 most important women under the age of 30 in Tech by the Business insider and she has since gone on to win more accolades to cement her place.


Mike Baur: An Entrepreneur You Can Trust On

Mike Baur is not just an ordinary Swiss businessman; he is also an entrepreneur as well. Mike is also a managing partner and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. The SSUF started its operation in 2014 driven by ambitions to make international companies that disrupt the prevailing norms, business, and products models. The core business of SSUF is a three-month program that offers early-stage startups with services, coaching, financing, office space, mentoring, and access to a large investor and entrepreneurial network.



Mike had worked in banking for over two decades including for Clariden Leu and UBS. He quit starting investing in different startup companies before co-founding the SSUF with a couple of other brilliant minds, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike participated as a jury member as well at the START Summiteer, and establish pitching contest of St Gallen University. In January 2016, Mike had become deputy managing director for CTI when SSUF partnered with it. In early 2016, Mike led SSUF through its accelerator program with Goldbach Group, as well as its joint venture with Fintech Fusion in the initial months of 2016. In December 2016, the Wall Street Journal profiled his early career to startup and entrepreneurship investments.



He lived at Friborg region because he feels that he is still strongly connected with his hometown. Since the younger age, Baur was a fan of banking and finance. Therefore, he turned his passion for banking and finance and chose the pathway of finance towards a bright future. Because he discovered the path early, he began learning about that since his childhood. So, when he stepped into his professional life, he was full of the knowledge and skills that an individual needs to rise in banking and finance sector. He started his banking career as a bank apprenticeship and due to his hard working became the co-founder of SSUF.



He knew that no doubt skills and experience play a vital role in achieving a goal, but without proper education, he would not be able to achieve what he is planning to. So, he took his formal education from the University of Economics and Administration and gained the necessary theoretical knowledge in addition to the higher management education at the University of Rochester New York and the University of Berne. He invested an adequate amount of time in the young Swiss entrepreneurship and supported many Swiss start-ups both as a coach and through finance.




The Experience of Business Magnate Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman with with intensely rich experience. He’s led the Odebrecht companies through a number of changes, The influence of Jens spans across many different industries including; oil & gas, sugar & ethanol, real estate, water & sewage. Felipe Montoro Jens’ company affiliations are lengthy with connections to at least 27 different companies spanning from London to Brazil.

The 46 year old is one of the executive officers at the private construction and operations company Concesionaria Travase Olmos. Jens is the CEO of Energipar Captação and also Principal and CEO at Odebrecht Holding and Investments on YouTube. His experience includes holding the position of senior officer of investments and the senior officer of finance at Odebrecht companies. As the CFO, he has responsibilities in the area of investments. He also has experience as the director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A and the Director at Braskem S.A. His personal network includes a great deal of executives who work with him in the finance and agroindustrial verticals. Felipe Montoro Jens remained a director for Odebrecht from May 1st, 2012 until he resigned on August 1st, 2013.

On the board of directors at several different companies including; San Antonio Energia SA, Foz do Brasil SA, Odebrecht Defesa e Tecnologia SA, Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias e Participações SA, Odeprev-Odebrecht Previdencia SA, Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA, Odebrecht Agroindustrial SA, and Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo. Jens’ responsibility includes controlling, planning, treasury, and finance divisions of the Odebrecht group in Brazil, Singapore, and the UK. Jens is also involved in infrastructure concessions on through Odebrecht Transport in Brazil.

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Marc Sparks Provides Hope For Aspiring Capitalists

I am someone who loves business in every way. Even as a small child, I realized how much fun it could be to be in business. My parents well remember just how much time I would spend thinking up new ways to start a business. When I grew up, I thought about being in business for myself but lots of things just got in the way. I had responsibilities I had to live up at all times, making it hard to think about my own personal needs in any way. But I also began to realize that I needed to get back to my own roots. It was with great happiness that a friend told me about a project called Spark Tank. Spark Tank, run by Marc Sparks, seemed just the project for me. So I did some research on it and investigated it closely. Find out more:

Loving The Opportunity

Here in Dallas, it is not always easy to find what you need. I realized I needed a mentor in the business world. That’s when I ran into Marc Sparks. He is someone with deep ties to this entire region. In our area, he owns a business. This is why he is deeply connected with this city. He also has done much to help promote business ventures in the area. I know because I’ve been a customer for many of them. I have found the products that he sells to be ideal for our family’s needs. It is clear that he is really in touch with today’s customers and what we want when we venture into the market for help. He has spent a lot of time in this area, carefully studying what consumers want in order to help us make our lives easier and better. I knew I was in good hands with his help.

Learning The Ropes

With his help, I realized that I had a talent for public speaking. I realized that I could speak out in front of large groups and get heard. This was truly inspiring. It was so obvious when I worked with him that people are his passion. He understands how to approach people. He also knows how to listen to them. I was delighted at being able to watch him up close and see how he responds to people. This taught me how I could do the same and get capital for my business. With his help, I have been able to figure out what kind of business I want to start. I have also been able to figure out where to go for any additional help that I need once I get it off the ground. I am really happy I met him.

How Don Ressler Helped To Develop Fabletics

Don Ressler, the co-founder and CEO of the clothing companies Fabletics and JustFab, has recently given interviews describing his role in the development of his fashion empire. The successful businessman described all of the effort and hard work that he and his business partner Adam Goldberg had to complete in order to make the business what it is today. Ressler stated that his biggest dreams were always to work in the fashion industry and to operate as an executive in his own business. Both these dreams have become a reality as a result of the dedication Don Ressler has shown in his day to day involvement in the Ressler-Goldberg fashion empire.

Don Ressler gave extensive details regarding his development of the empire after its initial launch. After the business was successfully launched to the public, a great deal of effort went into the attempt to keep the clothing business fresh and relevant. Don Ressler was extremely instrumental in the continual progression of the company on the During his interview with a national business magazine, Ressler stated that his main focus after the initial launch of the company was to develop advertising campaigns that would allow consumers to see the true value of the company.

Don Ressler immediately began to strategize in the advertising department of JustFab and Fabletics. For the department of the company that represented JustFab, Ressler thought that a celebrity endorsement would be exactly what the company needed to move forward. After discussing partnerships with several people, Ressler’s team decided to partner with Kimora Lee Simons (ex wife of music mogul, Russel Simmons) for advertising purposes. Kimora Lee Simons was pitched about the product and quickly fell in love with the quality of designs represented in the JustFab line. Simons purchased stock in the company and became an active agent in its representation. JustFab was well on its way to record breaking sales at

After the partnership with Kimora Lee Simons turned out to be an amazing success, Ressler felt it was best to partner with another big name for the relaunch of Fabletics. After discussing many possible candidates, Ressler and Goldberg decided to pitch actress Kate Hudson. Hudson, like Simons, quickly fell in love with the product and made negations to add her designs to the collection. Fabletics was launched the following year and achieved even greater sales than JustFab. Don Ressler was truly elated to experience the major success of two companies that he created.

Sanjay Shah and Raising Awareness

For a fun-filled event that supports an important cause of helping children around the world, it is recommended to checkout the Autism Rocks foundation which annually hosts some of the best events to attend with some of the most famous performers that all support the donation of money towards the research of autism. Autism Rocks is a foundation that was created by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his family to further the research of this development disorder. With a young son who was diagnosed five years ago with the development disorder, Mr. Shah has been a dedicated father to learn more about how the brain processes information with this disorder.


 In recent news, Mr. Shah has created the Autism Awareness month which is officially held in April. During this month, star-studded performers will be performing in front of crowds to help raise money for this worthy cause. Stars such as Tyga, Flo Rida, and many others will all be making an appearance and will be even donating to the cause themselves. All of the donations specifically go towards to research of autism to figure out how exactly the mind processes information when diagnosed with this development disorder. These performances will not only raise money for the cause, but will also raise awareness to individuals located all over the world.


The young son of Sanjay Shah and his wife is the inspiration behind this foundation that has already done so much good. Though Mr. Shah knows that there is a reform to help those with special needs, more information is required to be provided to continue to educate individuals about the cause and what to do. This will not only save the painstaking efforts that loved ones must go through, but this will also save thousands of dollars of annual medical bills that are necessary to monitor those with this development disorder.


Autism Rocks is a charity organization that has been up and running for the past two years. Though this foundation is fairly new, it is a foundation that has already raised millions of dollars for the cause of helping to further the overall research. Though Mr. Shah has no intention of curing his young son from autism, he wants to learn more about the disorder in order to figure out better strategies that he can use for communication purposes. Though the foundation is only two years old, millions of individuals are now aware.