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Richard Mishaan Design: Consistently Creative

Consistency is a difficult fest to achieve in any creative profession. After being expected to do the same thing differently for so many times, there is always the risk of becoming complacent and producing projects that are too similar. This fact is especially true in the field of interior design. Too many times, we see designs that are too similar to others. Understandably, no one wants to have a living space that mirrors that of another. However, one interior designer that has managed to stay consistent throughout the years is Richard Mishaan. Through his Richard Mishaan Design firm, he has for the last 20 years been working on projects that are very unique from each other.

Richard Mishaan Design has been able to remain consistently unique by mixing artistic and classical styles from different eras and cultures. Mr. Mishaan has been fortunate to live, for long periods, in three countries: Colombia, Italy and the United States. As a result, he has been exposed to different types and interpretations of art that he tries to bring out in his work. As a result, many of the projects worked on by Richard Mishaan Design contain significantly contrasting pieces that should not work together, but often end up combining seamlessly and with great aesthetic results.

What also sets Richard Mishaan Design part from the competition is the firm’s versatility. The firm creates a broad range of designs that can be applied to commercial spaces, residential spaces and in hotels. Further, this perhaps also speaks to Mr. Mishaan’s entrepreneurial nous. The firm’s sources of income are spread across three classes of clients as opposed to a single one. It is, therefore, unsurprising that Richard Mishaan Design has been among the leading interior design firms in New York for the majority of the past two decades.

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The Many Hats Of Glen Wakeman

Highly successful global business executive, investor, writer and entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman has made the most of his lengthy career building businesses by making the abilities of both companies and individuals better.


He achieves this by putting into operation a proven method that considers and develops areas of performance that include risk management, governance, leadership, human capital and execution.


Glen Wakeman has lived in six countries and worked in 32 for the period of his 20 year career with GE Capital and as chief executive of Doral Financial Corporation. He also founded Nova Four. His work took in leadership roles in management, business development, advising start-ups, mergers and acquisitions as well as new market entry.


In addition, Glen Wakeman has developed and transformed businesses with 17,000+ staff members and $15 billion in assets.


Two years ago Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, an SASS company. The company provides a fully automated software collaboration platform that makes it possible for early stage entrepreneurs to coordinate their concepts into a workable plan.


The process helps companies refine, organize and communicate their ideas and diminish their risks of start-up failure.


LaunchPad Holdings also helps companies gain acceptance by an incubator and increase their chances of getting funding.


As a writer, Glen Wakeman blogs frequently about global affairs, emerging markets and a hands-on approach to business. He also counsels about strategies and capital raising.

In a recent blog, Think Outside the Box, he wrote that while it is not simple to think outside the box, it can be satisfying and worthwhile when you know how to do so.


Glen Wakeman gave the example of the company, Better World Books, and how when you order their books the company sends the buyer an email of unusual length that thanks them for the purchase. He added it is one small business suggestion that can make a considerable distinction.


Educated at The University of Chicago where he earned his MBA, Glen Wakeman received his BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton.

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