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Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation, Quickly Becoming Rock Star Of Human Rights Advocacy

Thor Halvorssen seems to be emerging as the rock star of human rights throughout the world. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation has been blowing up social media feeds with open letters and viral videos lately, and young people seem to be spreading his work like wildfire. He recently exposed Nicki Minaj for performing a concert for the dictator of Angola. His open letter exposed the corruption in Angola where the dictator steals from his own people and gave it to the pop superstar for a private concert. And now in a recent viral video he’s exposed similar corruption in the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The human rights activist was on Fox news recently for a three minute interview about socialism, but it didn’t appear that Thor Halvorssen knew the interview was going to be solely about socialism. After all, Thor Halvorssen is an activist for human rights and not a politician or expert on socialism. But the viral video exposes the fact that he knew much more about socialism than Fox News.

The Fox News anchor asks a stunned Thor Halvorssen why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. It’s not, he said, there are plenty of democratic socialist countries in the world that are exemplary when it comes to human rights, such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. When any form of government has separate branches, separation of power, and checks and balances, then that government is perfectly fine. Authoritarian governments of any kind, including socialism, is what Thor Halvorssen has spent his life fighting against.

The interview was prefaced with a knock on Bernie Sanders and his self-avowed democratic socialist agenda, saying that even liberals are slamming his ideas. It had become clear to Thor Halvorssen what the intention of the interview was about, so he set the record straight by saying that he was a supporter of Mr. Sanders, shocking the anchor and the newsroom. He continued to say that Mrs. Clinton takes large donations from dictatorships around the world and that he, a free-market capitalist, would rather see a democratic socialist is President than someone who explicitly supports dictatorships. Follow Halvorssen on Twitter for more news and information.