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With advanced tech, Securus takes prison crime prevention to next level

One of the misconceptions among the general public is that, just because prisoners are put behind bars, they are no longer a serious threat to the public safety. But this is not true. Without the professional staff guarding these dangerous individuals, they would very quickly resume their wayward activities and once again would pose a serious threat to law-abiding citizens.


Securus Technologies, the nation’s leading inmate communications company, has developed a full line of products to help administrators and staff deal with the daily threats that the dangerous criminals in their charge pose to the safety of institutions and the public at large. Using advanced technology, Securus has developed a wide array of products that leverage technologym such as machine learning and automatic transcription, in the fight against ongoing criminal activity within the nation’s prisons.


One such product is JLG Investigator Pro. This cutting-edge technology uses machine learning and pattern recognition to pick out conversations among inmates that may pose a security threat to the institution. The program has the capability to analyze every word spoken on the prison’s communication devices. Using state-of-the-art technology, the system sifts through every conversation, only bringing to the attention of administrators and staff those conversations which are most likely to be associated with criminal activity.


Many of Securus’ institutional customers have raved about the dramatically increased rate of solving crimes using this technology. Organized criminal gangs, once the scourge of the United States prison system, have been effectively contained in prisons that have deployed this technology. Using advanced biometric technology developed by the Department of Defense, the system is able to instantly recognize the voices of all inmates and of known parties on the outside who have been banned from communications within the prison. This has proved a boon to prison security, drastically reducing the incidence of criminal activity within the country’s corrections institutions.


Dr. Clay Siegall Exposes People To Scientific Research On His Blog

On Chief Executive Officer Clay Siegall’s blog, he has a story up about the thawing permafrost. There are fears that zombie viruses are lurking in this, frozen for centuries but still able to spread disease once sufficiently thawed. A bi outbreak of anthrax in Siberia, for instance, was the result of this virus being reintroduced through thawed permafrost that had lain dormant for many years. It spread from reindeer to people with dozens ending up hospitalized.

Another article on his blog shows that the flu can be a cause of heart attacks. Researchers say that you are six times more likely to have a heart attack when you have the flu than when you are well. This was the first study of its kind, although this connection had been long expected. The result of this research is that it is more important than ever to adequately protecting yourself by getting an annual flu shot although in some years that is more effective than others.

Dr. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics co-founded this company in 1998. He had years of experience researching cures for cancer before deciding that he would rather be the owner of his own company than work for someone else. As he puts it, he profits from his own ideas rather than the proceeds of his research ending up in some other executives pockets. He also has a lot more freedom do things the way he thinks they ought to be done, which isn’t generally possible when you work for someone else.

At Seattle Genetics Dr. Clay “Siegall has been very successful leading the company. In 2016, for instance, it was named one of the top 25 biotechnology companies in the world. His company focuses on using antibody-drug conjugates to create cures for cancer. Their first drug to be released was Adcetris and it is now sold worldwide in a partnership with Takeda Oncology Company out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He took his company public in March 2001. It is traded on the Nasdaq under the stock ticker symbol SGEN.

Greg Secker Makes his Mark in Rebuilding Communities

Greg Secker is an English philanthropist, entrepreneur, and businessman famously known in the Forex trading space. He is the CEO of Learn To Trade and has authored several books including Financial Freedom Trough Forex. Greg is also the founder of Capital Index, FX Capital, SmartCharts Software, and the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Some of the notable philanthropic efforts by Greg include the building of more than 100 houses for typhoon victims in Capinahan, Lemery, and Iloilo. During the Iloilo house turnover, Greg invited former boxing champion Nonito Donaire and his wife Rachael in support of the efforts.

However, Donaire is not new to philanthropy. In 2009, he donated P1 million to contribute towards rebuilding communities destroyed by typhoon Ondoy. In a statement, Greg Secker and Nonito implied that their partnership is going to build at least 1000 more homes for victims.

Greg Secker graduated with a degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences. However, his passion for finance landed him a job at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He then proceeded to open a business along the then infamous foreign exchange trading. Greg’s company, Virtual Trading Desk, was the first online trading platform that allowed users to receive currency pair exchange rates in real time.

Later, Greg was appointed as Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, a Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States. Greg learned many trading strategies as he traveled across international trading floors from some of the best traders in the world.

By employing the same strategies on his personal account, Greg accumulated a reasonable amount of money and decided to quit Mellon Financial Corporation to set up a trading floor at his home. After three months of trading from home, he decided to make the business official and named it Learn To Trade.

The company has since then diversified from just trading to include teaching newbie traders how to achieve financial freedom through Forex and stock trading. Over the past decade, Greg has trained over 200,000 people across the world to create a second income source through seminars and workshops.

End Citizens United Targets Republicans For 2018 Mid-Term Elections

With momentum on their side, the Democrats are looking to make some big gains during the 2018 mid-term elections. And the political group End Citizens United is targeting four California Republicans, friendly to Citizens United, in the upcoming mid-term elections.

The Republican House members Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine), Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Irvine), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista). and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) are considered four of the most vulnerable congresspeople from the state of California. And End Citizens United is putting their support behind opponents who are hoping to take these seats in late 2018.

So what exactly is Citizens United? Citizens United is a conservative non-profit organization that wants corporations and unions to be allowed to spend money on Federal Elections. Many critics see this as an unfair advantage that allows large organizations to outspend individuals in Federal Elections, effectively allowing large companies to appoint whomever they want to Federal Office.

So why are the 2018 elections so important to End Citizens United? With the recent Democratic Senate race win in Alabama, Democrats see the U.S. House and Senate – currently in Republican control – ripe for a takeover. By supporting candidates against the most vulnerable Republican Congresspeople and Senators, the chances of flipping one of both chambers of the US Congress becomes more likely.

With a majority control in both the House and the Senate, a Democratically controlled US Congress can pass laws compromising the Citizens United ruling. With the chances of completely overturning the Citizens United ruling in the Supreme Court are still slim, passing laws to curb the big money influence on Federal Elections is still possible.

End Citizens United has raised in excess of $11 million dollars at the end of October 2017. However, the group has not disclosed how much they will spend against the four Republican congresspeople they are targeting. As the 2018 mid-terms draws closer, End Citizens United will no doubt seek to deploy much of their fundraising cash to those four vulnerable Republican-controlled districts.

End Citizens United is a political action committee created in direct response to Citizens United. It is devoted to driving what they see as the “big money” out of Federal Elections. Founded in 2015, the PAC is working with over $25 million dollars in donations from the 2016 election cycle.

The PAC endorses candidates and politicians who seek to overturn the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling through congressional legislation. Some of the politicians supported by End Citizens United include Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Hassan, and Jon Ossoff.

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Greg Secker, Great Businessman

Greg Secker as an international businessman. Greg has made a long successful career through his knowledge of foreign exchange and trading throughout the years. Greg has been able to start educating other on everything that he has learned throughout the years of his trading. He has also wrote several books to help people learn to extend their money, success, and techniques. In addition to being a businessman, Greg Secker is also an entrepreneur. He has started many of his own businesses. All of his businesses aim to help his supporters become the best that they can be. Greg has received many awards and has been recognized for being one of the most successful and influential people located in the UK.

In addition to being a businessmen and entrepreneur, Greg Secker is also a motivational speaker. Greg has spoken throughout many countries with the goal of helping people to become inspired to do what they think they were called to do. Greg teamed up with some of South Africa’s top businesses and even the co founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. Together they’ve talked about how to be successful, how to make change in your life, and how to unlock doors that you never thought would unlock for you.

Greg has his own company that has been named the Greg Secker foundation. This foundation aims to help people have a better lives. In his foundation, he has several youth programs in which he mentors the young to put and keep them on the right path throughout their lives. This foundation also aims to help an support the community. Even though Secker has had many businesses in his life, The Greg Secker foundation is his most passionate business he has ever had.

The Greg Secker Foundation is a nonprofit and it has been in business for eight years now. Greg has even traveled to different countries throughout the world to become education and help build homes for people who do not have homes. Greg’s goal is to help people around the world become aware of all social and economical set backs going on in the world.

José Auriemo Neto, Growing Brazil’s Economy via Fashion

José Auriemo Neto is a name that you may be familiar with. He’s the CEO and Chairman of JHSF Participacoes, SA. He’s also listed as the founder and CEO of Cidade Jardim, an upscale mall in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This mall is an accomplishment that was major for Neto, as it brought many designer names to Brazil. The mall features many dining options and brands such as Jimmy Choo and Hermes. The company even partnered with Valentino to bring new business and fashion to Brazil. Neto is one of the very few real estate developers worldwide that’s credited as being an expert in both fashion and real estate. He’s been recognized in the “Business of Fashion 500,” which is an exclusive list, typically only for those who focus solely on fashion.

José Auriemo Neto began his career in 1992. After joining his fathers business of JHSF, he was a leader of Parkbem, which specializes in parking management as a services provider. He quickly moved into real estate development and started developing shopping malls. With Bela Vista and Ponta Negra, he successfully made his mark on the retail map. Among his beginning ventures, he also added the first subway station and took on a major project in Santa Cruz.

José Auriemo Neto has the education to back his credentials. Being a graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo, he prepared with coursework in engineering and development. Currently, at 40 years old, Neto has quite a resume. His work not only has strengthened the local economy but, fulfilling a great demand that Brazilian’s had been wanting to take advantage of. With Neto’s varied background and exceptional skill level, it seems he’s destined for success. Neto is a business leader who you’ll probably be hearing much about in the future.

The Brown Agency: Creating Better Opportunities For Clients And Talent

Founded in 2010, the Brown Agency is greater Austin, Texas’ leading agency for print and fashion models. The agency provides talented, attractive, versatile individuals properly trained and with experience working in the advertising, media, photography, entertainment and fashion industries and more. For talented individuals looking for the perfect opportunity for professional networking and to find work, the Brown Agency can help. Businesses looking for the right people to show off their unique products, appear in print or digital advertising or play roles industrial videos or full-length movies, the Brown Agency is the only company they need to call.

The commercial and modeling talent agency is part of the internationally known The Brown Agency family. An industry leader worldwide, The Brown Agency has quickly established itself in the Austin area and maintained big market expectations and standards no advertising agency in Central Texas can match. Since opening their facility in Austin, The Brown Agency has gotten models and other types of talented individuals work with Dell, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, many of the world biggest brands, as well as thousands of other internationally known companies.

At The Brown Agency, they pride themselves on working with top talent and preparing these individuals to become elegant, dependable professionals able to deliver the highest quality work. Their fashion models have made their mark in the industry while gracing the runways of programs like Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and many other shows nationally and worldwide. The Brown Agency’s Austin branch has also had their models featured on the covers and pages of a number of national, regional and local publications.

And the Brown Agency’s Austin branch continues to grow. The company recently acquired Heyman Talent-South, one of Central Texas’ largest and best known talent agencies. Together they have created a full-service super agency with unique strengths and capabilities and are able to leverage the combined resources to benefit Austin area actors and models. Few, if any, agencies can match the services, broad portfolio and opportunities nationwide The Brown Agency offers clients, models and acting talent.

The headquarters of the company is in Austin and it also has offices in Dallas and a significant presence in Los Angeles.

Former Wilhelmina Austin head Justin Brown is the president of the Austin branch of The Brown Agency. The company has also retained the services of Heyman Talent-South founder Michael B. Bonnée to lend his expertise to The Brown Agency’s theatrical division. Heyman Talent-South had one of Austin’s top acting talent agencies. Merging the two agencies is an important part of The Brown Agency’s growth strategy and is part of their commitment to better serve their clients and their talent. You can follow their Instagram page

Paul Mampilly and How He Helps Everyday Americans Make

Most people have plans to invest their money. The main problem comes about when trying to choose investments options that will provide with significant returns. Unless you have some experience in this field, you will probably hire an investment advisor, and one of the investors to work with right now is Paul Mampilly.

Mr. Mampilly has worked on Wall Street for over 20 years before retiring and taking up the post of a senior editor, author, and researcher with Banyan hill publishing. Here, he helps ordinary citizens by publishing a monthly newsletter highlighting the best investment for that month. Additionally, he releases a weekly podcast where he talks about two stock options and what to expect from them within that week. While all his predictions might not be right, you have about a ninety percent chance of getting a hefty return on your investment if you follow his suggestions.

Before he retired at the age of 42, Paul Mampilly had worked for different companies in various positions. His journey on Wall Street began in 1991, after emigrating from India, when he was working as an assistant portfolio manager. From here, he worked at Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetic Asset management managing their hedge fund. While at the different companies he has been a hedge fund manager, financial analyst, researcher, author, and editor. However, he describes himself as a long-term investor. Currently, the trends he is most keen are the millennial trend and the internet of things trend.

Paul has an MBA from Fordham University, New York and over two years of hand on work experience from working on Wall Street. He uses these skills to analyze the stock market and pick the most profitable looking companies. Paul then passes this information on to ordinary Americans, some of whom tune into his podcast and others who subscribe to his monthly newsletter, Profits Unlimited for forty-nine dollars. He also writes another newsletter called Extreme Fortunes.

Apart from his numerous accomplishments as an investor, Paul Mampilly has also managed to feature a couple of times on fox business news, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Reuters among other TV stations. Between 208 and 2009 he participated in an investment competition organized by the Templeton Foundation. He managed to grow his starting capital of 50 million to about 88 million, despite the financial crisis that was looming during that period.

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Open Doors at Rocketship Education

In order to help families struggling with low income, Rocketship Education has found a way by combining non- profit Charter public schools. There is always a trying time for someone when it comes to tuition just for education for growing children. It is a top priority to go to a decent school to learn and find what makes them happy in life.

Children between the ages of five to twelve need a good amount of education and why does it have to be so expensive? Families that have a hard time cannot save enough to ensure a decent education for their children. This is what Rocketship Education aims to resolve by helping and resolving this issue for so many people. There are seemingly countless stories of changed lives, all thanks to them.

There are programs to assist kids with learning disabilities and tutoring to lead them to success in due time. For the young ones, Rocketship uses a Kimochis curriculum, which helps kids to organize and understand their emotions just enough so that they could figure out their educational goals as well. It will help with relationships with other classmates, to be able to climb over learning disabilities and strengthen their confidence.

Not only does this affect students, but it also touches those who teach inside this organization. Teachers have had such wonderful experiences with their students over the years. As they worked to change these children’s lives, they, in turn, were changed by their students. Doing a great deal for children who come from poor neighborhoods and rough shortcomings at least deserve such caring instructors and those who are willing to cater to certain needs for each student. When life is such a strife to keep afloat for some families, then at least one worry can be lessened by ensuring that these children get fair treatment.

Whitney Wolfe Makes it Easier for Women to Experience the Excitement of New Love

The experience of butterflies and the excitement of finding new love is one of the greatest feelings that women can every experience. However, it is not as common as women would like to think. For one thing, women have to weed through all of the mismatches. Some women spend years alone even with all of the dating apps they are signed up with. Given that many of the dating apps that are available are abused by men who are constantly spamming women like there is no tomorrow, some women may find themselves a little scared off by the desperation.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe understands is that women also want a little room to do something. Therefore, she has designed Bumble for women to use to reach out to men that they are matched with. There is a huge difference in Bumble from other dating apps. It has shown itself to be a little more effective. Where other dating apps would send women a very cluttered mailbox, Bumble narrows the search down to one match a day. Women are given the opportunity to message the match. The man is not able to message a woman. However, he can message another man if he is looking for something from the same sex. Click here to know more about her.

Whitney Wolfe’s configuration makes it so that women are not faced with the issue that other dating apps give them which is decision fatigue. When one has so many options to look through, it can cause them to be indecisive because they don’t know where to go. This makes it harder for both men and women. With Bumble, women get something that works to their advantage. Also, men get to enjoy some of the benefits in that they get approached. One of the common complaints men have is that women don’t approach them.

Whitney Wolfe has shown a lot of creativity in putting together something that both men and women can truly benefit from. Seeing that she is a feminist that wants to give good men recognition, she made sure that all of the good men have a better chance at romance.

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