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Matt Badiali Reminds All That Have Not Benefitted From Freedom Checks That It Is Not Too Late

Many failed to heed the call when Matt Badiali urged them to seek the benefits of what he called ‘Freedom Checks.’ But for those that chose to perform further research into this possibility and went on to invest in this little-known opportunity, the payday is now at hand. And even as Freedom Check beneficiaries begin to cash in on the investment there are still many questions remaining as to what Freedom Checks are, and what they are not.

Matt Badiali explains that Freedom Checks are not a get rich quick scheme or a government entitlement program. They are in fact an investment in legitimate security that must be purchased before a return can be obtained. What is different is that Freedom Checks are expected to consistently outperform most other investment vehicles on the market.

The companies that Matt Badiali point out are excellent to use for investments in Freedom Checks use funds to pay workers, purchase tools and machinery, and market products that were produced by using natural resources. These companies are in need of a significant investment of capital in order to operate which opens the door for investors to benefit. The potential to investors is further enhanced due to the fact that the United States government provides incentives for these companies to utilize these natural resources and the companies, in turn, are required to pass these benefits along to investors.

Individuals that may be concerned with the legalities of Freedom Checks should note that the rules sanctioning the investment opportunity go back 30 years into the tax code. Legislation passed by Congress in 1987, made companies that earned 90 percent of their revenue from the production, storage, or transportation of natural resources in America exempt from paying taxes on these earnings. The statute concerning these tax laws is known as 26-F and has been reviewed and upheld by every state in the Union.

Matt Badiali urges the many who did not initially capitalize on this incredible opportunity to do so as soon as possible. The companies taking part in this program in order to enjoy the benefits of the tax exemptions are required to give a designated portion of their profits to investors which mean the sooner investments are made in Freedom Checks the more investors will benefit over time.