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Month: May 2018

Richard Dwayne Blair the Retirement Income Advisor

To pursue financial goals successfully, one needs to have a workable plan that can easily be monitored to the end. On his part, Richard Dwayne Blair offers people in his community a financial direction that helps in guiding them through the various steps in the journey of life. To help achieve these milestones, he has come up with an all-inclusive financial plan which he follows called a Three Pillar Approach. With this method, he can look at the financial situation of clients and as well establishes their retirement needs to help arrange for an all-around plan that suits their situation.

The first pillar of the approach involves laying out the structure of the client’s finances. At that point, Richard Dwayne Blair gets into a position where he can identify the objectives, sharp points, threat forbearance and chances for progression of each respective client. By so doing, the client can create some connection which is useful in founding a business relationship. The second pillar of the approach becomes designed to come up with an operative, long-term investment scheme which is created to fit precisely the client’s needs. With that laid down, it becomes easy to survive in the fluctuating market which is at times in the upward or downward motion. In regards to the third pillar, it is the point of carrying out, and supervision after the intended plan has been put in place.

Being a financial advisor, Richard Dwayne Blair is the Founder of Wealth Solutions which is a registered investment advisory firm based in Texas. The primary goal of the company is to make a substantial and constructive difference in people’s lives especially the owners of small businesses. With his expertise and experience in retirement planning, he opted to dedicate himself to assisting his clients in bridging the gap that exists between planning for and living in retirement. By so doing, people can avoid mistakes that are repeatedly done when it comes to retirement benefits that are not planned for beforehand which causes them to get misused. Therefore, planning for retirement income helps people to go after their idea of a prosperous retirement.

Malcolm CasSelle is revolutionizing the transactions in virtual assets through blockchain.

The cryptocurrency transactions are revolutionalizing different types of markets around the world, and the gaming industry is among the sectors that have embraced the cryptocurrency technology. OPSkins is among the titan traders of bitcoins in the world, and the team is lead by Malcolm CasSelle who serves as the Chief Investment Officer. The company has clients from all around the world, and there is the need for a decentralized system of carrying out transactions. OPSkins mainly deals in the trading of virtual assets and has been acting as a centralized marketplace.

However, the position of serving as a central entity has its limitations concerning the technological operations. OPSkins has taken a step further and is now creating a blockchain that will serve as a platform for clients to trade their assets that are in virtual form. WAX(Worldwide Asset eXchange) and its central underlying principle is a technology of blockchain and the use of decentralized coded contracts. The primary objective of WAX is to eliminate two of the most significant problems that dread the business of virtual assets, and these include fraud and fragmentation. The users of the game do not have to go offline so that they can purchase or sell their digital merchandise. Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX and has also invested in other tech businesses such as Facebook and other companies that deal in Bitcoins.

Malcolm had also worked with tronc Inc before he joined OPSkins and served in the position of President for New Ventures. Malcolm has also held other leadership positions during his tenure at Digital Media of SeaChange International. During this time it was an acquisition of a company where Malcolm CasSelle served as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Malcolm has also been involved with various startups as an entrepreneur in the cyberspace industry. Some of the startups he has been involved with include Xfire and MediaPass. Malcolm CasSelle is an alumnus of MIT having graduated with a degree in Computer Science and later completing his master’s degree from the University of Stanford. Malcolm is a merchant that has traveled the world doing business in different regions and is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese.


How Values are Helpful For Leaders Like Vijay Eswaran

There are a lot of traits that are associated with leadership. There is one trait that can make or break a leader. This is the ability to have values. If a leader has values, he is likely to gain the respect of others. One example of a leader with values is Vijay Eswaran. One of the reasons that Vijay has values is that he looks at others like he would want them to see him. He has empathy when it comes to people. Therefore, he thinks very carefully about the type of business and products he can offer them.

Among the values that Vijay Eswaran has are compassion, honesty, acceptance and truth. These are some of the values that have always been respected in leaders. However, a lot of people who try to be leaders want power. This is one of the reasons that many people get passed up for a promotion. They do not have what it takes to be a leader, and the manager knows it. It is the one who has the core values and a strength to back it up that is going to be very effective as a leader. He will command the respect of the team as well.

One of the reasons that honesty and truth are great values for being a leader is that they show strength. They also make it easier for the team to trust the individual. After all, the team member will know what he is working for and what to expect from the leader. One thing that can be very frustrating is dealing with a leader who makes a lot of promises but does not keep them.

For people that want to be respected, the best way to gain respect is to have values such as honesty, truth, compassion and acceptance. It is also important for people to establish boundaries. This is one thing that Vijay Eswaran has shown himself to be good at. He made sure that his team knows what to expect and how to treat him and one another. He makes sure that his business is growing so that it can reach others that need it.

Why OSI Group Is A Top 100 Company

Being a top 100 company is the goal of many businesses. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses in the world will never reach this height. Most of the top 100 companies are enormous in physical size, and they bring-in copious amounts of money. These types of companies have an abundance of products and services that are in high-demand. One of today’s companies that demonstrates this notion is known as OSI Group. This particular company started-out very small, but it grew into a powerhouse that dominates the food service industry. In total, OSI Group has 65 factories and facilities. It is estimated that the company also has more than 20,000 hard working employees. If a company is named on the affluent Forbes list, then it’s definitely doing something big.

Being a multi-billion dollar company isn’t easy. Thanks to having such a strong foundation as well as having a strong resume, OSI easily exceeds the multi-billion dollar mark. This company covers a rather broad area with its services of distribution, development, processing and management. You will not be able to find many foodservice providers that can match this in capability. Some are good is a few areas, but lacks in other areas. Founder Otto Kolschowki created this company back in 1909. At that point in time, Otto & Sons was its name, and it sold premium beef. Being a family-owned and operated business, it could only do so much. This is why Otto & Sons jumped into the wholesale business.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Otto & Sons is now known as OSI Group. The company offers a lot more than beef products. Chicken wings, steak, meatballs, onions, fritters, cucumbers, tomatoes, meatloaf, pizza, panini, chicken fried steak, cookies, flatbread and other foods are being produced in high volumes. When it’s all said and done, OSI Group may go down as one of the top foodservice providers in history.

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ClassDojo Takes a Much Needed Front Seat in Education Environment

ClassDojo has managed to become one of the more popular applications for people that are working inside of the school system. Teachers do not have to complain about how they cannot reach parents that will not come to the school. When it comes to discussing the academic achievements that children are making in the classroom it is obvious that ClassDojo is exactly what parents and teachers are going to need. It has become the type of application that is very important to all of those teachers that may have never been able to reach the parents in any other way. It caters to students that are in need of getting a better connection between their teachers and their parents.

The great thing about an app like this is that it also helps teachers that need to establish a line of communication with other teachers. There are a ton of new teachers in the teaching profession that do not know what they need to do because they are new teachers. It’s always good to have help for someone that will allow you to make better decisions when it comes to the way that you handle all your work schedule and your planning. ClassDojo app that is something that aids in excellent communication between teachers, additional faculty members, parents and students.

Sharing photos and videos has never been easier for teachers. There are a ton of people that are going to benefit from team environment communication platform. More than 90% of the schools in the United States have faculty members that are using it. There are also a ton of people that are using this outside of the United States as well. More than 180 countries are using this software platform to see streaming stories from teachers and students.

The ClassDojo app has won a plethora of awards from various sources, and there is a ton of positive buzz about the way that parents are now able to interact with children. This is going to be the most important concept for teachers that had the ability to meet with all parents in person.

The Astonishing Business Story Of Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner

The business story of Hussain Sajwani reveals that a man can have a modest beginning but, with determination and leadership skills, build it into a multibillion-dollar investment. He is currently the Chairman and owner of DAMAC Properties Dubai; a Dubai-based developer of luxury real estate, founded in 2002.


Hussain obtained a degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Washington after which he worked as Contracts Manager at GASCO; a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After working for a few years, he left GASCO, and in 1983 he started his own modest catering company. Currently, the once modest catering company has grown to become a top player in the industry managing more than 200 projects and delivering over 150,000 meals each day in different markets, from Africa to The Middle East.


Aside from serving educational institutions, construction campsites, and army camps, the company provides subordinate services like human resource supply and camp maintenance.


In the mid-90s, Dubai experienced a huge in-flock of people coming to the Emirate to do business and trade. Hussain took advantage of this in-flock by building numerous hotels to accommodate the tourists.


In 2002, realizing the potential of the real estate industry, he founded DAMAC Properties. The DAMAC owner’s expertise and know-how in the property industry influenced the rapid rise and eventual success of the company. DAMAC Properties has since expanded into Jordan, Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Qatar. The company has a market capital valuation of $4.7 billion. It was the first Middle East real estate company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. In January 2015, It was listed on the Dubai’s financial market. It has over 2000 employees.


The focus of the company is residential luxury property including commercial and mixed-use properties. They deliver to their clients branded and well-serviced apartments and villas. They also form partnerships with other premium brands such as Fendi Casa and Versace Home to deliver innovative and wonderful ideas to the market.


DAMAC Properties Dubai created its hospitality unit in 2011; DAMAC Maison. The division caters to the tenants in more than 13,000 well-serviced apartments and hotel rooms. DAMAC is currently one of the biggest hotel apartment developers in UAE. The astonishing success of DAMAC Properties can be attributed to Hussain’s entrepreneurial prowess and vision. He is listed as one of the 100 most influential Arabs in the world.


Aside from being the DAMAC Owner, Hussain has interest in other industry such as; Al Amana Building Material, Al Jazeera Services, and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. The DAMAC owner currently lives in Dubai with his wife and children.


Never despise your small beginning. This common saying has been proved right by the multi-billionaire Hussain Sajwani who is the fourth richest Arab in the Forbes 2018 rankings. Hussain graduated from the University of Washington where he studied industrial engineering and economics. He is married with four kids. Having started off in catering business Hussain Sajwani is currently the founder and manager of DAMAC Properties based in Dubai. Founded in 2002, DAMAC Properties is the biggest real estate developer in the Middle East. DAMAC Properties deals with property developments, luxury apartments, golf projects, marketing stunts, paramount hotels and resorts among others.

Hussain Sajwani has worked with influential people including the US president Donald Trump. The two have been seen to be having a good relationship as they have had several deals amongst them the Trump International Golf Course, the top golf course in the world. DAMAC is responsible for all the developments in the Golf Course.

DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani is also a strong believer in giving back to the society. He is indeed a philanthropist as illustrated by the various philanthropic acts he has engaged in. In 2017, Hussain Sajwani-DAMAC Foundation funded one million Arabs who were sponsored to undergo software development training. In another instance, Hussain Sajwani gave a two million worth cheque to buy clothes for needy children. This indeed shows how he values the young people as he clearly admitted that they are the future leaders of the society in one of the many interviews he has had.

Good work neither goes unrecognized nor unrewarded. Hussain Sajwani has received several awards due to his extemporary performance in the industry and the Middle East at large. He was awarded the Real Estate Legend by the Arabian Business Real Estate Awards, Property CEO of the year by the Middle East Awards and position fifteen on Hotelier Power 50 by the CEO Middle East Awards 2012. Hussain Sajwani has indeed done a lot that has been credited.

For Hussain Sajwani the sky has always been the limit. Despite getting millions from the catering business, he wanted billions, and that is what drove him towards coming up with DAMAC properties.

AvaTrade Review: Dublin Based Forex Broker Review

Moderate Minimum Deposit


In 2006, the Dublin AvaTrade Forex Broker was started. It offered traders the ability to make money by trading commodities, currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies, corporate shares and ETFs. AvaTrade is regulated by several government agencies.


If you have 250 units of dollars, euros or pounds, you can satisfy the minimum deposit requirements. You can try out the demo account for free. Choose from Islamic, mini or managed accounts at AvaTrade.


If you like to share trades with others, you can use the ZuluTrade plug-in. You can also get signals to assist you with technicals. The Forex broker shows breaking news that might impact asset prices.


Smart Phone Functionality


You can also use the popular Meta Trader 4 software program at AvaTrade. You can download the Meta Trader 4 app to your iPhone or Android smart phone. Then, wherever you are, execute your trades using your smart phone.


This is great because you don’t know when breaking news might impact your asset price. You don’t want a sudden change when you are away from your computer. With AvaTrade, you can use your smart phone to execute trades.


There are plenty of charting programs that you could add to your smart phone on top of Meta Trader 4. These can help you with the most advanced technical trading strategies.


You can use PayPal, bank transfers and credit cards for money deposit or withdrawal. Customer service is by phone, email or live chat.


Ample Assets


FX Empire appreciates the solid features offered by AvaTrade. They understand how the Forex industry works. AvaTrade offer the basics plus a few exotic assets for variety.


This AvaTrade Review found a broker that uses the same technology as you do. You can automate your trades or get updates on your smart phone. Rest assured, AvaTrade allows you to use your smart phone as much as you want to on its platform.

Get Big, Lean, and Recover Much Quicker With Enhanced Athlete

Getting lean, toned, and bulking up has never been so easy. With major scientific breakthroughs in sports nutritional products, you can take your gains to a new level with Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete is a Cheyenne, Wyoming headquartered sports nutrition company that is host to a massive catalog of science and research-backed sports nutrition products. These products can help you burn fat quicker, naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels, decrease training recovery time, give you more energy, and a whole lot more. You will be extremely hard-pressed to find another sports nutrition company with the proven track record that Enhanced Athlete has. Thousands of positive customer reviews across the internet attest to the fact that Enhanced Athlete’s products actually work and do what they say they can do. Take your physical fitness goals to the next level with Enhanced Athlete.


For decades Enhanced Athlete has pumped millions of dollars into researching ways to build the best and most effective ways to optimize and maximize athletic performance. With science, testing, and laboratory research, Enhanced Athlete has managed to build one the world’s leading and most effective portfolios of sports nutrition products. As the company is privately owned, they don’t have shareholders to answer to. This means that the company is not focused on bringing profits into the pockets of investors, rather they are solely focused on building the very best products possible. Enhanced Athlete dumps nearly all of its resources into product development and research, so that means its huge catalog of nutritional products just gets better and better over time. It’s no wonder that Enhanced Athlete is far above its competitors in all areas of business.


Even though Enhanced Athlete is based out of the United States, it is not just popular in the domestic market alone. Enhanced Athlete operates in numerous other countries through many of its supplier and business partners. While you can order products through Enhanced Athlete’s website from any country on earth, you can also find its products in stores throughout Mexico, the United Kingdom, Colombia, India, South Korea, and Brazil.


In addition to running the Enhanced Athlete business, the company also maintains and manages Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Gear sells exercise and sporting clothing, gym equipment, and tons of other fitness related merchandise. Through their online store, you can buy workout shorts, tank tops, super sweet looking t-shirts, EA brand keychains, and much more. As for Enhanced Coaching, they sell online coaching products. Through their site, you can purchase coaching sessions with real fitness experts that will help you construct personalized diet plans, custom workouts, and can answer all of your physical fitness related questions.