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Bob Reina: He Makes People Feel Good

One of the best things another human being can do for someone is make them feel good. Bob Reina makes people feel good all of the time with his video communications app called Talk Fusion. He founded it back in 2007 and he is still the CEO to this day here in 2018. In eleven years, they have changed a lot of lives, made a lot of dreams come true, and made a ton of people smile. That is special. It is something that money cannot buy.


Bob Reina has given people the chance to do what they really want to do with their lives. They are able to live out their dreams and they are able to be as happy as they want to be all of the time. They don’t have to worry about having some good days and some bad days. When someone works from home because of Talk Fusion and they are able to live out their dream, it is almost impossible to have a bad day. There will be days with challenges, no question, but they know they have the power to overcome them.


Bob Reina is also known for being one of the most charitable human beings alive, especially when it comes to animals. He has made major headlines in the Tampa Bay area for his work with various shelters and humane societies. This is who Bob Reina is and none of it is a front. It is all part of his belief system. He believes in the good in people, and he likes good things to happen to good people. When he decided to start up Talk Fusion, he knew he could really do a lot of good for people and influence them in a positive manner. He wanted to make them feel like they were in control of situations instead of feeling out of control. Learn more:


As the years, months, weeks, and days go by, Talk Fusion’s work keeps growing. Bob Reina has some big plans for the future of the company, and he’s excited to see how the customers will respond to them.