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The Oxford Club Continues To Share Its Approach

Independent financial investment group, The Oxford Club’s educational arm Investment U, passed along four chief investment strategies it maintains will make higher returns easier.

The Oxford Club, which has more than 150,000 members in more than 130 countries, launched one of the first independent financial education websites, Investment U, in 1999.

Topping the list of most significant investment strategies is diversification. The Oxford Club advocates not only diversifying in the number of stocks but in the segments and risk levels as well. The group also recommends each and every portfolio take into account common and preferred stocks, Blue Chip stocks, speculative stocks and more.

What’s more, investors should include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, bonds, commodities and alternative investments in their portfolio diversification.

According to the Oxford Club, having an exit strategy in place before you buy secures that your turnover and gains are constantly looked after. The group also advises investors know what time and how they intend to sell.

The third investment strategy, size matters, illustrates how significant position sizing is to investing well. Position sizing refers to the dollar amount a financier intends to trade. The Oxford Club, whose philosophy is based on this principle, points out the worst mistake investors can make is to invest based on emotion.

The Oxford Club also communicates its methods to cut investment costs by staying away from customary fees, front-end and back-end load fees, which will boost net returns. The group also lets members in on legal ways to set up a portfolio that allows for less for the IRS to tax. For example, evading rapid return of investments and making the most of tax-delayed investment accounts.

Investment U offers instructive resources that include free e-letters, courses, videos and conferences to help members become financially independent. The educational arm of The Oxford Club also makes research and strategic financial counsel available for all investors.

The Oxford Club, which is a top rated investment research firm, was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1989. The club advises investors through strategies that deal with commodities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals and more.

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