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Betsy DeVos The Activist

There is little question that Betsy DeVos is one of the most influential advocates for causes that has ever lived. The massive family wealth that she has is certainly a factor, but there is no question that she is also a fierce fighter for the causes that she believes in. Cross her, and you will find yourself in a world of trouble.


The good news for most of us is that the causes she fights for a generally for the benefit of us all. There are some that are more controversial (charter school voucher programs for example), but the bottom line is that she tries to get done what she gets done because she honestly believes that it is for the betterment of society and mostly children.


Betsy DeVos is a political woman, there is no question about that fact. She has been involved with the Republican Party in some capacity or another for approximately the last thirty years. Her husband was the Republican nominee for the Governorship in their home state of Michigan. Betsy herself has worked on committees and other party functions. She also now serves as the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration.


No matter if the subject is politics or business, Betsy DeVos looks for the most innovative solutions that are out there. Sometimes, she has to take the path less traveled to reach the destinations that she wants to reach. This is perhaps what was going on when she accepted the position in Trump’s Administration despite the fact that it was a very controversial choice. Her nomination in that case was confirmed by the narrowest majority possible. It was a 50-50 tie before the Vice-President stepped in to vote in favor of her nomination.


All of that feels like ancient history now though as DeVos continues to operate behind the scenes to enact her vision of charter school access to all children in America.


In the meantime, her and her family continue to give back to the community. Most of their charitable work does go back to the Michigan area, but there are some exceptions to that. For example, her work as a chairperson for the Foundation for Educational Excellence is intended to help a broader swath of children than just those in the state of Michigan.


Her position of power now makes her more able than ever to get done the kind of things that she has in mind for all of us. She did draw a lot of controversy when first selected for the role that she is in now, but that has died down in a lot of ways. She has been careful to keep herself out of the spotlight unless absolutely necessary. Doing so has probably helped her move forward with both her political and charitable goals all at the same time. Learn more:


There is much left to be seen as far as how DeVos will use her role as the Secretary of Education. Many of the things she does now may not even be recognized for years to come. Still, we can all expect that her footprint on the institution will be a big one no matter how you look at it.