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OSI Continues to Grow Internationally

Aurora, Illinois based food supplier OSI operates 65 processing plants in 17 countries. The company recently marked the twentieth-anniversary of its China operation. OSI’s decision to do business in China is based on that country’s emergence as an economic power-house.

Upon the completion of two new facilities in China OSI will have a total of 10 plants operating in the country. Once the new plants are up and running the company will be the largest poultry producer in China.

To complement its food production business OSI has opened a feed mill in the Shandong Province. That mill’s ability to produce over a billion pounds of feed a year makes it the most productive feed mill in China.

OSI’s growth has not been limited to China. The company plans on expanding some plants while building seven completely new plants. India, Poland, Hungary, and the United States will benefit from this growth.

The new plant here at home will be located in Geneva, Illinois. As the focus of the Geneva facility will be producing frozen entrees the building will be attached to a building belonging to the Millard company. Millard specializes in cold food storage and distribution.

Last year, OSI acquired the Dutch company Baho. Baho produces cold cuts and snack foods for restaurants. COO and President of OSI David G. McDonald explained how the purchase of Baho was part of a larger business strategy, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.”

Keeping a company that operates in different cultures viable can be a challenge. McDonald meets that challenge by not to applying American tastes and values to every market. He stresses “engagement” not only with customers in foreign markets but with the local officials as well. This approach creates a better understanding of the customers’ needs and the country’s business climate.

David G. McDonald is a 1987 graduate of Iowa State University where he earned a BS in Animal Science. McDonald began his career with OSI as a project manager. He has served as OSI’s COO and President for the last 30 years.

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