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Is the Effort Made by Soros through the Open Society Foundation going to create a Better Society?

Everyone dreams of a society where all humans are treated equally, and the current endless heinous crimes are a thing of the past. However, the reality is sadder than the dream. Just recently, a man opened fire at concert goers and killed close to 60 innocent people. Hundreds of others were wounded in the attack. While these may seem like an isolated case of mental health complications, there have been other countless attacks, and it I evident that the solution may lie with some changes in our laws. When Hillary was campaigning for office in 2016, she had stated an interest in creating tougher regulations regarding ownership of firearms. This is one of the many policies which George Soros believed in and supported, regarding her campaign.

Soros has always been a strong supporter of the politics played by Hillary. He supported her in 2007 all the way to the nominations. When she lost to Obama, he supported Obama because the Liberal manifesto is more or less the same. However, when she declared the interest to run in 2015 and won the party nomination, Soros jumped back into the politics and started participating fully. He contributed more than $25 million to her campaign. He was also set to attend her endorsement but had to attend to his business interests in Europe.

This is who Soros is, a man who has always advocated for a better society. He is a man who has always believed that while the society cannot be perfect, it is possible to make little changes which will, in turn, complete the picture. Soros has contributed more than $6 billion to different charities and courses. In 2014, he was strongly involved in the Ferguson protests over the killing of an African American teenager by a white policeman. He funded the busloads of protestors that took to the streets of the state and demanded that their voices be heard on “Black Lives Matter.” The fire which was lit by these protestors still rages on. In the recent few months, players in the NFL have been taking a knee during the national anthem as a message that black lives need to be respected.

He has also been involved in other world politics, such as the fall of the Marxist regime in Eastern Europe, and many other causes that have taken place across the globe. It is believed that the fact that he survived the Holocaust did a lot in shaping him into the leader that he is today. Soros does not believe in the conservative leadership in the country. He believes that now is the time that people should do their best to keep the government on its toes and ensure that social justice is upheld.