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Why George Soros has influenced the American Society

Early life

George Soros was born in 1930. His country of birth is Hungary where he spent most of his childhood. Born to Jewish Parents, Soros was brought up as a Jew, but he was not so much to the Jewish culture. During this era, the Jews were having problems with the Nazis. Hitler and his men had a strong hatred towards the Jews since he believed that they were responsible for the problems in Germany. Germany was very strong during this epoch. The influence was spread so wide in the world. Because of the powers that the country had, the Nazis seized the opportunity to look for Jews from all over the world and kill them. In Hungary alone, about half a million Jews were killed. Soros used his wits to help the people that he could assist and thousands went to the United States and  read full artilce.

George’s support for stronger nations

Having started the Open Society Foundation, George has been a strong proponent of a transparent society. He hopes for governments that can be held responsible for their actions and learn more about George Soros. Soros believes that giving power to the citizens would be the only way that nations can thrive. One good thing about George Soros is that he supports the things in which he believes with stronger passions. He funds the organizations that can do what he has interest in. Soros has been a proponent of freedom of expression. Governments have to support equality and justice at all levels. Initially, the Open Society Foundation was operating in the United States, but its influence has been expanded to Africa and Asia and what George Soros knows.

Supporting the discriminated

The society today does not respect the drug addicts, sex workers and people who are trying to come from these acts. Addiction is a serious issue, but usually, the people who have never experienced an addiction may not be in a position to understand. George Soros has equally a soft spot in his heart for the LGBT group. This is another set in the society that always receives discrimination. His passion for assisting the people was developed from his experience. Having been affected by the Nazi and the Jews’ enmity, Soros understands to the feeling of discrimination. He has very strict terms of supporting his works of charity and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Helping people to come out of addiction

There are programs in his organization that cater for the people with different forms of addictions. George, however, does not talk people out of their addiction. He can only extend a helping hand to the individuals who appreciate the dangers of addiction and would love to come out of the bondage. He empowers drug addicts and sex workers through the Open Society Foundation so that they can understand the important aspects of life. His support has been very crucial to the lives of many and Follow him

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