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Highland Capital Helps Investors Reach Their Potential

Highland Capital is a Dallas based financial assets advisor, and is currently managing in excess of $13.7 billion in assets. Highland Capital has also opened locations in other parts of the world, and has grown to become a highly successful global entity. One of the main services that set Highland Capital apart from other investment firms is their alternative investment strategies. They use a variety of methods to help create wealth and stability for their clients. Their clients range from governments to high net worth individuals. They also have an expert team of global alternative investment managers who are dedicated to creating positive results. Currently Highland Capital has offices located in Sao Paulo, South Korea, New York, Singapore, and their home office in Dallas.

Highland Capital lends much of its success to their highly knowledgeable and skilled CEO, James Dondero. He has been able to create a solid business structure for the company by encouraging close teamwork between upper management and their investment specialists. Working together to help their customers maximise their return has made them one of the most successful investment firms in the world. They strive to deliver the best performance for their clients and have for the last 20 year.

Highland Capital continues to be on the forefront of alternative investments globally, having invested in healthcare in Asia among other lucrative ventures. They continue to grow and thrive as they embrace new ideas and strategies globally that provide a wealth of opportunities for investors looking for new ideas.