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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics: Story of Success

For years, society’s focus on health has been increasing. As more people become more health conscious, more fashion companies look for ways to combine fashion and health. Although many companies have workout outfits, many of those brands are incredibly expensive. That’s why Kate Hudson started Fabletics.

In the first three years, Kate Hudson grew a $250 million business. Fabletics is like no other fashion brand. Firstly, its premise is offering aspirational styles with the convenience of affordable prices. Fabletics also uses a subscription mechanic to sell its products. That subscription platform is part of the allure of Fabletics.

It plays right into the consumers’ perception of high value. High-value brands are everywhere these days. In the past, high-value had to have good pricing and quality goods or services. That’s all a company needed to be successful. These days, consumers want their brands to go the extra mile and offer special features.

Fabletic’s attention to its members is what led to such great success in the e-commerce market. Now, Fabletics has set its sights on brick and mortar success. Opening a physical store is a lot different from operating an online retail store. There are far more challenges.

The biggest challenge is referred to as “showrooming”. That’s when customers only look around a retail store but never buy anything because they’re going to go home and buy their items online from somewhere cheaper, like Amazon. That browse offline – buy online strategy is what’s killing Fabletic’s counterparts.

Fabletics figured out a way to use people habits to their favor. Fabletics welcomes people into its stores so that its retail stores can get to know the local markets. As a result, most of the people walking through the door are already members, and an additional 25 percent become members in store. Fabletics even offers a lifestyle quiz to anyone who’s looking to see what kind of fashion they have.

Despite all the naysayers, Fabletics is actually a brilliant, innovative brand. A lot of people have reviewed and approved Fabletics as a whole. One non-sponsored reviewer even stated that she’d recommend Fabletics to her readers.

Fabletics has an endless variety of styles; everything from simple tops and bottoms to sheer fabrics with bold patterns. Not to mention the brand’s quality is much better than anyone would expect.