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Month: June 2017

Adam Milstein’s Philanthropy Work at the Adam and Gila Foundation

Adam Milstein is one of the most popular Israeli real estate investors. When he was managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties, he left a legacy. Hagar Pacific Properties is estimated to be worth $2 billion.

Another attribute Adam is known for is his philanthropic work. He is the most active humanitarian among the Jewish Community. His is best known for his involvement with the Adam and Gila Foundation.

The organization’s primary mission is to strengthen the student’s Jewish roots and connection to Israel. Adam’s wife, Gila, helps him with this. Thanks to this initiative, many students have come to appreciate their heritage and gained unforgettable educational experiences.

Adam philanthropic efforts have been recognized by having his name was added to the Top 200 Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

In addition to the foundation, Adam came up with the Israeli-American Council that is meant to fortify the relationship between Israeli and the U.S.

When it comes to fighting for the rights of Jewish People and the oppressed, Adam is at the forefront. He has had first-hand experience of what it’s like to be part of the marginalized. His wife was an immigrant from Morocco to the U.S.

Adam is also an activist writer for the many publications advocating for Jewish people. He is interested in seeing the Jewish people learn Hebrew so they can be more connected to their religion.

The difference between Adam and other philanthropists is that he does more than just giving out money; he is directly involved with the community.

About Adam Milstein

Adam is the son of a homemaker mother and a real estate developer father. His mother moved from Isreali from Mexico in 1949 at the tender age of 18 years. His father also came from Argentina to Mexico in 1948. Adam has two siblings – Joshua and Dalit.

When in college, Adam Milstien was involved with his father’s real estate construction and development business. He is married the love of his life, Gila Elgrably in 1974 and together they are blessed with three daughters. Adam attained his Master of Business Administration in 1983 from the University of Southern California in LA.


James Dondero Does Something Worthy For The Dallas Zoo

Since 2001, visitors to the Dallas Zoo have been missing the magnificent sighting of the hippos. This is because the company which James Dondero is running has partially sponsored the construction of Simmons Hippo Outpost. This is spread over 2.1 acres of space within the Dallas Zoo.

This company of James Dondero has made a donation of $1 million for constructing the Highland Capital Lodge. This is spread over 5000 sq.ft. It can be used for hosting private events besides any form of special displays.

Gregg Hudson is the CEO of the Dallas Zoo. He feels that the Hippo outpost that has cost $14 million will take his zoo to the next level. There would be a huge increase in the number of people visiting the Dallas Zoo. All this has come about after nearly four years of planning.

This project at the Dallas Zoo is just one of the philanthropic projects by James Dondero. Previously he has donated several million dollars to non-profit organizations as well as charities in Dallas. He is dedicated to improving educational opportunities in this area. This is why Highland Capital Investment has been building partnerships that will be beneficial to the residents of Dallas. There are numerous projects that clearly demonstrate this attribute of James Dondero. This includes the Scholars Program of SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower, besides Snowball Express, as well as the Perot Museum of National Science. Other philanthropic projects include the Capital for Kids, besides Uplift Education. The most recent one is the Dallas Zoo Hippo project.

Due to all these philanthropic efforts, James Dondero has earned a place for his company in the Best Places to Work in Dallas Business Journal 2015. This Dallas Zoo Project is being considered as a major philanthropic effort since it is going to be highly significant to the economy as more visitors will be coming to the Dallas Zoo now as people have longed to see the hippos.


The construction of Simmons Hippo Outpost has not been easy as the zoo had the task of circulating large amounts of fresh water through its outdoor as well as other small pools. The pool had to be strong enough to withstand the body weight of hippos.



Rick Smith Makes Prison Technology and Correction Services Popular and Accessible

Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, is credited with making prison technologies and correction services popular and accessible to people across the country. As the head of the largest prison technology firm, Rick Smith Securus made sure that the company is providing innovative solutions that are addressing the needs of various prison services. He follows a simple procedure of identifying the missing sections in a world-class service and fills up those gaps with a talented team of engineers at the firm. The company offers end-to-end solutions to inmates, jail administrations, correction agencies, investigating departments, government organizations, and more. Smith believes that right chord of technology and solutions are a need of the time and compromising on it can pull the firm out of the industry. Visit for more info.

Under him, the firm offers a number of high-quality solutions to address the needs of various types of customers. The services include family and friends, corrections solutions, investigative solutions, monitoring solutions, and public safety solutions. The family and friends services are aimed to address the needs of inmates with various options such as phone services, video services, email services, money transfer, and jail voicemail. It connects inmates with outside world including the family member and friends, vice versa. Since the firm has connectivity with almost all the prisons in U.S., it works as a single platform of contact for inmates and family members. The services are hugely popular, and it has registered a record handling of 1,000,000 calls on Christmas Day 2016.

The public safety solutions of the firm helping the law enforcement agencies and city departments to consolidate, store, and distribute various data associated with public safety and crime records. It also ensures quick and efficient access to those data instantly for any emergency dispatch. The investigative solutions are addressing the needs of investigative agencies by identifying, storing, and analyzing critical data which is helpful for investigations. The tools of the firm are designed to make quick analysis using advanced data analytics and various biometric verification solutions. The correction solutions are aimed to give advancement in incarceration experience with world-class information management. The monitoring solutions are offered to different government agencies, and it includes RF-based and GPS monitoring systems, reporting services, support programs, locating tracking, and supervision.

Rick played a crucial role in converting the firm into the industry leader in inmate and correction solutions. His vision of providing the best solutions helped the company to win accolades from industry bodies. Before working with Securus, Rick Smith collaborated with Eschelon Telecom Inc, as its President and Chief Operating Officer. He also worked with Global Crossing North America Inc and took up various responsibilities. Rick completed Bachelors in Engineering from the State University of New York and did MBA from the University of Rochester. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Norman Pattiz- Founder of PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. He currently lives in Beverly Hills with his wife, Mary Turner Pattiz. In the May 2016 Global Change Makers (an issue of Forbes magazine), Norman Pattiz was featured. In the magazine, Pattiz was recognized as the valuable key to his money-making media.

Norman has an experience of over 40 years in radio syndication. Norman founded PodcastOne due to the tremendous opportunities in the audio-on-demand industry. The company quickly grew and became one of the top distributors of audio-on-demand programming. Currently, some of the brands and personalities managed by PodcastOne are Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, and Adam Carolla.

Additionally, apart from founding PodcastOne, Norman has also founded other companies. One of the firms is Westwood One. Westwood One, under the leadership of Norman, became America’s leading supplier of traffic programming sports, talk, news, and entertainment to the Broadcast Industry.

Westwood One managed, owned, or provided their services to Broadcast Organizations like CBS News, NBC radio networks, and NFL Football. Moreover, other broadcast firms include the Mutual Broadcasting System, NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, and March Madness. Also, Westwood One provided their services to both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, and a broad variety of syndicated talk, and music shows.

According to Bloomberg, another company founded by Norman Pattiz is Courtside Entertainment Group. Apart from broadcasting activities, Pattiv functions as the chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories, and Lawrence Livermore. Besides, Norman is an associate in the Pacific Council on International Relations, and the Council of Foreign Relations.

On February 9, 2017, Norman together with Edison Research Vice President of Strategy Tom Webster publicized the results of a series of extensive studies. The study was to find out the impact of podcast advertising to the society.

The results were obtained from advertising tests with five main national consumer brands across five various service categories, and products. From the study, it was noted that over 60 percent of podcast listeners indicated a particular grocery post-campaign. The percentage obtained was up from 7 percent from the pre-study.

Additionally, another finding noted from the study was that in the post-study, over 33 percent of respondents had a positive opinion of an automobile aftermarket product. The percentage was up from 18 percent obtained in the pre-study. Moreover, it was also noted that the awareness of a particular campaign message for an automobile aftermarket product rose by 60 percent when compared to the pre-study.

Also, it was noted that the awareness of a particular campaign message for a casual dining restaurant rose by 76 percent when compared to the pre-study. For more information about the study go to

Arthur Becker and Madison Partners LLC Reach New Heights

Arthur Becker is a man of many talents and it can be easy to forget that if you don’t pay close attention to the way that the markets are moving. Arthur Becker is the Chairman as well as the CEO at the technology investing company Zinio. Becker is also the Managing Partner at the real estate and biotech investment firm, Madison Partners LLC. Becker’s unique ascent through the investment industry has been buoyed by his complete willingness to do all of the important preparation and work needed to make an impact. Let’s dive behind Becker’s hard work in order to find out just what makes him tick.

So, in order to truly appreciate what Becker has been able to do we have to take a closer look at where he came from. Becker initially made his fortune as a stockbroker, buying and selling tech companies. This early tech success led pretty much straight into his work at Zinio. Becker’s success with technological investments has been swift and powerful, giving Becker a great backbone of knowledge and business savvy with which to parlay into different projects. Becker has definitely taken this experience and ran with it. Check out Inspirery to know more.

In a report by The Real Deal, switching focus from Zinio to Madison Partners was a calculated decision for Arthur Becker, and one that he was sure to succeed with. Becker admits that his past successes in the tech field have informed his future successes in real estate. Right now Madison Partners has two major developments in operation in New York: a luxury condo in Tribeca as well as a trio of town homes being developed in the Soho neighborhood. These successes may surprise many people, but they don’t shock Becker. Becker used his previous experiences as a compass with which to re-focus and narrow down what he wanted to do.

In order to succeed in business Becker had to refine his approach to work. Becker says that he avoids any concept of self-doubt by merely focusing on being prepared. When you are prepared, he claims, you rarely spend time doubting what you are trying to accomplish. With Becker’s rigorous work ethic, we believe him. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

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Dress Your Lips-EOS Moisturizing Balm

Lip balms are seen on every counter at grocery checkout lanes, and gas stations. With so many choices, people often find themselves choosing a lip balm that won’t actually fill their lips with moisture throughout the day. However, EOS lip balm has become the exception to dry lips and over applying.

EOS has produced this round shaped balm to fit your pocket, bag, or purse. The various scents cater to the differing tastes. From their spring line of Coconut Milk, and Soft Cucumber Melon to their everyday Vanilla Mint and Blackberry Nectar; the quality remains the same. The balm contains Shea butter, the softening agent, and Jojoba oil that locks in the moisture. These two essential natural products are key to creating long lasting softness that prevents chapping. These balms are both paraben-free and gluten-free, allowing gluten intolerant customers to also enjoy the nourishing effects of the balms. Want to know more EOS qualities? Well, hit this.

More of EOS goodness here.

As EOS grows in popularity, so they have grown their product line to feature shimmer balms. Their Pearl Shimmer and Pink Shimmer are the first two balms in the collection to feature a glittering sparkle with the same EOS nature conscience ingredients. The Pink shimmer comes in a black round container with pink shining through the design. The round balm on the inside contains a light shimmer that shows through on the lips. Both shimmers go well over makeup or before the placement of other lip products. Unlike most shimmer products, this will not dry lips, but rather lock in the moisture through the Shea butter, Vitamin E oil, and Jojoba oil. Natural scents are added to the product to give it a long lasting smell that will not overpower your senses. For your choices of flavors, check on

Evolution of Smooth (EOS)lip balm is the perfect summer treat or winter protection. Keeping your lips covered with the correct moisturizer is the first step to a beautiful, and more natural you.

Hit for added info.

Jason Hope Talks about the Internet of Things

Jason Hope was one of the earliest believers of the Internet of Things. To those who saw the Internet of Things as a science fiction, they should re-evaluate their belief as the idea is coming to reality. Imagine your toaster being informed by the bread that it’s not functioning properly. Wouldn’t that be amazing? In the next three years, it’s estimated that approximately 20 billion things will be interconnected and will manage to interact with one another. This will signify a change in the way things like cars and medical gadgets operate. The Internet of Things will have an influence of smaller gadgets like toothbrush and kitchen knives.

However, for this technology to work, Jason Hope believes that Bluetooth beacon technology will play a significant role, especially in the airline industry. Like he always does, Jason Hope talked about the way the internet of things is changing some areas in the airline industry. He began with customer services, then safety and then baggage handling and finished with fuel efficiency.Talking about the role of Internet of Things on the safety of the airline industry, Jason Hope talked about the way Boeing 787 belonging to Virgin Atlantic are using the beacon technology.This means that this technology can determine the condition of important safety items on the airplane such as toolboxes and life jackets.

Regarding customer service, Jason Hope mentions how the internet of things is helping change the deregulations facing the industry. The internet of things is also helping change security mechanisms to fall in line with what the customers want. All said and done, the internet of things is helping customers get personalized travel and have easy check-in.On the issue of bag handling, beacon technology is being embedded on luggage bags helping trace them until they reach their destination. Jason hope is an America entrepreneur from the state of Arizona. He commentates about the Internet of Things and also writes about the same. He attended the University of Arizona for his first degree. You can also visit his Linked-in account : Here.