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Sheldon lavin

Who is Sheldon Lavin? Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He also serves as the global food provider’s President.Sheldon Lavin sort of just woke up with a career in the meat industry. Lavin got his first taste of success in business as investor and executive in the banking industry. He even reached the point of owning his own financial consulting firm before making the career shift in the late 1970’s after years of arranging financing for Otto & Sons, now OSI.

Lavin helped OSI secure funding the company needed to build a meat processing facility soon after being brought on as a financial adviser. The facility played a major role in the company becoming the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s. As he became more involved with the corporation ownership eventually asked him to come on as a business partner full time. Though at first apprehensive Lavin decided to accept the offer.With Lavin as a new partner OSI Group expanded its reach tremendously throughout the 1980’s, building facilities in South America and Taiwan. Lavin became the sole owner of OSI in the early 1980’s when last remaining partner retired more than 13 years ago. Later expansion territories included the Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India and South Africa.

The OSI Group was the recipient of the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award in 2016.In 2016 Sheldon Lavin was also recognized, being awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin was honored with the award because of his distinguished achievement of guiding the OSI Group from a humble domestic food company to becoming a global multi billion dollar food processor.Today, OSI employs close to 20,000 employees and has over 55 facilities worldwide. Osi continues to explore further growth.