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Month: May 2017

Sheldon lavin

Who is Sheldon Lavin? Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He also serves as the global food provider’s President.Sheldon Lavin sort of just woke up with a career in the meat industry. Lavin got his first taste of success in business as investor and executive in the banking industry. He even reached the point of owning his own financial consulting firm before making the career shift in the late 1970’s after years of arranging financing for Otto & Sons, now OSI.

Lavin helped OSI secure funding the company needed to build a meat processing facility soon after being brought on as a financial adviser. The facility played a major role in the company becoming the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s. As he became more involved with the corporation ownership eventually asked him to come on as a business partner full time. Though at first apprehensive Lavin decided to accept the offer.With Lavin as a new partner OSI Group expanded its reach tremendously throughout the 1980’s, building facilities in South America and Taiwan. Lavin became the sole owner of OSI in the early 1980’s when last remaining partner retired more than 13 years ago. Later expansion territories included the Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India and South Africa.

The OSI Group was the recipient of the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award in 2016.In 2016 Sheldon Lavin was also recognized, being awarded the Global Visionary Award by India‚Äôs Vision World Academy. Lavin was honored with the award because of his distinguished achievement of guiding the OSI Group from a humble domestic food company to becoming a global multi billion dollar food processor.Today, OSI employs close to 20,000 employees and has over 55 facilities worldwide. Osi continues to explore further growth.




A Look At The Philanthropy And Career Of Dick DeVos

In January 2017, Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, revealed the extent of their philanthropy over the years. So far they have donated $139 million over their lifetimes in support of a variety of causes. One of the areas that they are chiefly interested in is education, especially providing a choice of schools in districts that are performing very poorly. Dick DeVos has said that it’s incredibly unfair that zip code plays such a huge role in the educational outcomes of students who live in low-income areas. He wants these students to be able to achieve the American Dream and believes the only way to do that is through offering their families options outside of public schools such as charter schools. In support of this, he donated $11.6 million in just 2015 to educational organizations.

Dick DeVos also believes that art and culture plays a huge role in society as it inspires people and brings them closer together in a common cause. In 2015 he donated $2.4 million to various arts organizations. One of these was the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. This program, which is located at the University of Maryland, educates the next generation of business leaders who will be running arts organizations across the country. Dick has said that the business side of an arts organization needs to be well run in order to be sustainable.

It was in 1974 that Dick began his career working at Amway. By 1984 he was a Vice President of their subsidiary Amway International where he was tasked with expanding the company’s sales around the world. He was very successful at this which led to him being named the President of Amway in 1993 as well as becoming a Board Member. During this time he also served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Orlando Magic, an NBA team.

In 2002 Dick DeVos co-founded the Windquest Group which is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He focuses on investing in the industrial and technology industries with a specialty in green energy. He is the company’s President and leads its day to day operations as well as providing it with a strategic vision.

In addition to donating money, Dick DeVos also donates his time and business expertise. He has served in a variety of positions including the Board of Directors for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He has also been on the Board of Trustees for the Thunderbird School of International Management as well as Co-Chairman of the Grand Action Committee. Showing his passion for education, he is also the Founder and Chairman of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school provides an education to students that prepares them for a career in the aviation industry.


Whitney Wolfe and the Modern Dating Revolution

As the world continues to adopt modern technology across different spheres of life, the dating scene has also undergone many significant changes over the years. Gone are the days when you had to go out physically if you ever hoped to get a match as today you can easily do that with the help of an app. Among the two most popular dating apps that are available in the market today are Tinder and Bumble. What do the two have in common? Both companies were founded in part and wholly by Whitney Wolfe.

Although Whitney Wolfe later resigned from Tinder, a company that she co-founded in the year 2012, she still carries on as the CEO of Bumble. In the few years that this dating app has been in operation, Whitney Wolfe has almost single handedly transformed it into what is now ranked as the fourth most popular dating app in the world.The Bumble dating app is supposed to work like a regular dating app on paper but it has a number of unique properties to which a significant portion of its unprecedented success can be attributed.

The most significant of this is the fact that unlike other regular dating apps, only female members can initiate contact when using the app. The main advantage here is that more contacts initiated are likely to bear fruitful results as women generally only initiate contact with people in whom they are really interested and not just poking around. At present Bumble has already garnered more than 11 million registered users.Whitney Wolfe is neither new to the dating world nor to that of technology. In 2014 she was named among the 30 most important women under the age of 30 in Tech by the Business insider and she has since gone on to win more accolades to cement her place.


Beverly Hills Auto Group Has Your Car Needs Covered

Why buy a used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group? There are many good reasons. First off, you will be saving a lot of money. When you buy a brand new car, you lose thousands of dollars the minute you drive it off of the lot, thanks to depreciation. Talk about a waste of money! You can also score a custom used BMW without having to pay the custom price tag and you can avoid all the pushy salespeople that normally would be crawling all over you the second you step into the showroom.

Beverly Hills Auto Group offers the most reliable and affordable used BMWs and they have great customer service. At Beverly Hills Auto Group, you’ll get pre-approved for your car loan in three easy steps and they even welcome trade-ins. Beverly Hills Auto Group sells vehicles that’ll pass any inspection so you can be assured that you’re covered.

Todd Lubar; Expert in the Lending Industry

The real estate sector in Baltimore has started to look up. Todd Lubar is well-positioned to help the people in the area with their desires of owning a home. He has established a massive network of industry contacts over the course of his career. This is the reason why Todd is able to deliver the best services to his clients in a timely manner. He decided to venture out in 1999 when he made an investment in Legacy Financial Group in exchange for equity. It is here that Lubar expanded his knowledge of the lending sector and the various processes. He gained the ability to offer loans to investors and lend in the same manner as a mortgage bank.

Todd started Legendary Properties after amassing experience in the industry a couple of years later. This is a residential development company. The company buys and renovates residences and then sells them at a profit. The company purchases all kinds of residences including multi-family structures and single unit houses. Lubar started Charter Funding a few years ago. It is a financial corporation. Charter Funding is a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. His many years of experience led him to notice that there was a huge group of underserved clients in the lending industry. He also started Legendary Financial to offer lending services to companies and individuals that are overlooked by other lending platforms. This is a subsidiary of Legendary Properties. Legendary Financial has been involved in more than ten thousand lending transactions to date. Lubar is credited for growing the Maryland Legal Financial Office of Legacy to a hundred million dollars in loan volume. Todd is the President of TDL Global Ventures. He is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. See more:

Lubar attended Syracuse University where he graduated with a degree in Speech Communication. His desire for helping people led him to start his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He gained knowledge and experience in conservative mortgage banking while he was at Crestar. He also formed relationships with financial planners, real estate agents, and insurance agents while he worked there. Todd ventured into other businesses such as scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition during the economic downturn of 2008.

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