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Month: January 2017

FreedomPop and the future of mobile data

It’s happened again. You’re in an airport or the library, ready to get some work done, when your wifi connection gives out. Or you’re at home and just need a better signal. FreedomPop is a startup that feels your pain, and they’re doing something about it by offering a better, cheaper wireless internet and phone package – one that goes everywhere. Through FreedomPop, if you’re ever stuck without wifi, you can access over 8 million mobile hotspots. But it also offers even more.


The company has taken the mobile world by storm. USAToday’s FreedomPop review describes the service as a “disruption to the consumer cellular market.”


In a PTMoney review updated for 2017, Emily Guy Berkin writes, “FreedomPop’s big claim to fame is their completely free cell phone service, which offers 500MB of 4G data in addition to 200 voice minutes and unlimited texting, although sending and receiving texts will eat up your data. In addition to being completely free, FreedomPop does not require any contracts and there are no cancellation fees or any of the other don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out fees customers often have to bear with other mobile service providers.”


FreedomPop is backed by Niklas Zennstom, the founder of Skype, a company that also offers free calling and instant messaging worldwide.


Like many other startups, FreedomPop came out of the gate with big money. In a funding round that ended in June 2015, FreedomPop had raised $52 million and was doubling its subscriber base every four to five months. t’s only gotten more popular since then. Part of FreedomPop’s appeal definitely lies in its base free plan, but if 500MB seems like too little data, FreedomPop also has a premium unlimited plan, for just $20 a month. It even lets you onboard your current device. But there’s no contract and no commitment.


Why can FreedomPop give such competitive offers? It uses a combination of wifi connections and Sprint’s cellular network when there are gaps. The future of #StayingConnected is here.


How to Become a Model

It is not easy to become a successful model. Some of the individuals who want to become models give up their dreams early, just because they believe they are not good enough for the runway. If you are planning to become a mode, keep the following in mind.

Stop making excuses

Aspiring models keep making excuses as to why they have not been successful. You must remain confident and very aggressive towards your plans if you want to succeed in this career. Without positive energy, it will be hard to achieve any of your goals.

Take action

When making any important decision in life, this is a crucial step. However, many individuals neglect this step. Many aspiring models think about it, but at the end of the day, they do nothing. The people who have been successful in this career have sacrificed their time and effort to get where they are today. All you have to do is take action.

Practice your poses

There are several great models in the world, and all of them are known for their great poses. Experts say that the way a model poses speaks volumes about them. Use Google and other sites like Twitter to search for poses and emulate them. Whenever you are doing any poses, ensure that your face, legs, and arms should be involved.

Get a god photographer then search for an agent

Most models start searching for an agent even before they have good photographs from a reliable photographer. You must get a professional photographer who is good at their job, and they should charge you an affordable amount. However, remember that good quality photographs take time. A coach will also help your journey to become a model. They will hold your hand all through, ensuring that you reach your destination without problems.

Brown Agency is a successful modeling agency. The commercial modeling agency was started fifteen years ago, and it is headquartered in Austin. The modeling agency is believed to be owned by Brown Agency Family, and it is one of the fastest growing commercial modeling agencies in the United States. The agency was to establish market standards in Austin and other parts of the world. The company has managed to employ a big number of fashion models in the country. Despite the high completion, The Brown Agency has remained one of the best agencies in the country.

Justin Brown serves as the president of the commercial modeling agency. Under his leadership, the institution has been successful. When selecting the models, the institution picks the most talented individuals, trains, and prepares them to be ready for the competitive market. This explains why it has managed to do so well over the years. For more info, visit

Martin Lustgarten and his Successful Investment Banking Company

Investing is not a matter of the week. It involves several risks, and one must apply wisdom on all their investments. Money spent in the investment industry can return profits that run several times over. Many people are that are interested in the investment industry are never sure how to go about it. One great idea is to seek the help of professionals. Professionals can assist you through the use of investment banks and investment companies. Martin Lustgarten is one expert in the investment banking industry. Throughout the years, he has shown a complete understanding of everything that happens in the investment industries. The result is that he has gained clients from all over his country and from different parts of the world.

One advice that Martin gives is that investment is not a homebound venture. There are many investors that find it risky to invest in another place outside their country. Most Americans look at their stock markets and find it that it is at the top of the table. However, it becomes an issue when these investments do not pay off as they expected. Martin has ensured that customers can invest in different places of the world besides America. He has studied the foreign markets and understood them quite well. For instance, he knows that Asia and Europe have robust markets in the world today. Apart from that, he has an in-depth understanding of several trading activities in South America.

Martin Lustgarten has built his name to become a highly successful and respected banker. He holds dual citizenship in Austria and Venezuela. His success in the investment industry has seen him gain a lot of fame. He has advanced knowledge, especially in international investments. Martin believes that risks associated with any investment are limited if spread across different countries. He can pay attention to foreign markets simultaneously. He keeps in touch with happenings of different countries to ensure that he gets out of an investment quickly. Martin Lustgarten has built his base of operations mainly in Florida. The location has been ideal because he offers service to people in South America and North America region.

Goettl on Achieving Great Milestones in the HVAC Service Industry

When it comes to leading service providers in the Heating and air conditioning industry, one name beats them all, Goettl. Goettl has been in existence for many decades since its formation in 1939. The company’s legacy continues to spread across the industry with its dedication to providing top-quality services including excellent customer support services across the board.

The company has its service units in Tucson metropolitan and Phoenix regions. Goettl boats of a strong management team and experience in offering technical know-how and customer support for residential and commercial HVAC installations and related services.

What Services Will Goettl Offer You?

Goettl, being an established company provides a broad range of services. Goettl includes air conditioning, heat pump installation, residential cooling, and repair and maintenance among others. You will get a range of design for new homes and emergency services, but its specialty is in the recommendation and installation of high-level cooling services.

Heating services

You will get many heating and residential services like electric installations, heat pump integration, furnace installations, and radiant heating installations among many others. Likewise, Goettl provides an extensive selection of home and tune up service schemes for the smooth and efficient running of systems.

Air Conditioning Services

For a safe and comfortable family living, Goettl provides such services like air cleaning and house humidification services. They also provide air duct cleaning services, Thermal installation, UV germicidal lights, and testing and integration. The company is always ready to help whenever you require any help with your systems.

Goettl’s Rich History

The company was founded by two brothers Gust and Adam Goettl whose aim was to offer an efficient way of keeping residents cool during hot seasons. Today, the firm has grown making it a household name in the region. Industry veteran and managing partner Kenneth D. Goodrich bought the company in 2012. Goodrich has built many Plumbing and HVAC companies over the last twenty years and sought the help of the company’s then president to help him in realizing its vision.

Under their leadership, the company received recognition in 2014 for its relentless efforts in transforming the HVAC installation and service sector. In fact, it was a finalist for the 2014 Phoenix Chamber of Commerce IMPACT Award. Also, the company was honored with a special recognition by Janice K. Brewer for the seventy-five years of serving the nation. Goodrich is an active member is improving community initiatives through sustainable development and philanthropy.