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Month: December 2016

The Popular EOS Lip Balm

The market is oversaturated with lip balm choices and EOS was one of the ones to enter the market and became one of the popular lip balm choices in this generation.

For over a century now, buying lip balm meant customers having to shop around in drugstores or either a supermarket just to buy chapstick. The sticks were “clinical” and contained “active ingredients”. If customers wanted to take it a little further, they were not stuck with just buying the original kind. The mint and cherry chapticks were also available for purchase.

However, 7 years ago, EOS popped up with pastel-colored orbs. They were available everywhere for purchase. Some of the retail stores they are being sold at is Walgreens, Walmart, Target and eBay. Many beauty editors of Cosmo and Allure were excited and started raving about the different flavors like honeydew and grapefruit.

Famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian were seen pulling EOS lip balm out of their makeup bags. Evolution of Splash is the full name of the products and they are all over fashion and beauty magazines. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have all played a big role in getting the brand name out into the public and helping spread the word about EOS and its line of personal care products.

The company’s founders have kept their business strategy quite secretive until now. Their company is worth $250 million dollars. They are now known as the second best selling of lip balms after Burts and Bees followed by Chapsticks and Blistex. These units are so popular that 1 million are sold a week and this is only expected to increase in the future.

EOS’s cofounder, Sanjiv Mehra, points out that when the company first started with a small startup fee, that the focus was on just making the products and selling them. However, now they believe that customers need to know more about the business and the value of it.

Mehra, along with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsk set out to create a product different from any other on the market. He also pointed out that most other brands were looking primarily to just cut the costs and compete with other on prices. Since women used lip balm as part of a beauty regimen, they needed to create a packaging and product that would look good as well as useful for a while.


Securus Technologies Helping Prisoners Contact Home

If you are in a tough situation, with a loved one in prison, then Securus Technologies can help you and your family. Securus Technologies is in business to see the smiles on prisoners’ faces grow, not just for profit. The sadness of being locked up can be depressing for everyone involved. Christmas is just around the corner, and the pain of not having your loved one can be more intense around the holiday season.


Securus Technologies has innovative methods for bypassing the barriers that keep you and your loved one from communicating. This includes video chat software and live telephone connections. You will be able to see how your family member is doing behind bars. Any problems with mistreatment can be quickly corrected if you know what is going on. Securus Technologies has designed its systems to be secure and a win-win for everyone.


A major factor in the Securus Technologies program is reducing the inefficiencies that plague the American criminal justice system. According to the Huffington Post, a disproportionate number of incarcerated people are minorities, even correcting for the rate of offenses that occur. This is not fair, and should be looked into more. Securus Technologies wants to help you if you have been unjustly affected by the racism that is still sadly prevalent in the American courts. We want to see you and your loved one happily connecting without the stress of absence.


We do not want you to be hurt by America’s collective racism. Our professional staff is devoted to impartiality. We want your business, and we are devoted to customer service and helping people spend time with their family members.


Our software has helped increase the efficiency of prisons in America. The main thing that a staff member of America’s prisons wants is a safe and quiet day. Our software allows prisoners to log complaints and staff to process them with minimal hassle. This is helping the prisons of America know what is going wrong. Before Securus Technologies brought their system into operation, staff could quickly log complaints. They had to use time consuming paper forms that were frustrating. Now, with Securus Technologies’ work, people are getting their observations clearly noted much more quickly. There is an abundance of evidence that injustice remains in America’s criminal justice system. Securus Technologies is trying to do its part to remove that injustice and increase opportunity for every incarcerated person, whatever their ethnic background.


An Award-Winning Senior Living Community in California Announces a New CEO

The Manse on Marsh, a premier independent and assisted living facility in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, announced recently the appointment of senior housing executive Farron Bernhardt as its new CEO. Bernhardt has over 30 years of strategic leadership and a proven track record in the senior housing industry, and he brings with him an immersive and collaborative approach that will suit the level of engagement this community enjoys from its staff and residents.

Bernhardt seeks to have The Manse on Marsh set the standard of excellence in senior care in the area and beyond. He recognizes this facility’s longtime commitment to vibrant and enriching experiences and care. Bernhardt is expected to introduce advanced improvements to the community and apply his rich expertise in all aspects of senior housing management and development.

Owned and operated by longstanding senior housing developer Chris Skiff, The Manse on Marsh offers a bold new concept in senior living, offering residents the choice to live independently or tailor the many services and amenities it offers to suit the resident’s budget and individual requirements.

The Manse on Marsh is situated in the heart of San Luis Obispo and is within walking distance of many local shops and restaurants. It offers its residents a comprehensive array of services and amenities that include housekeeping, bed and bath linen services, personal laundry, dry cleaning, transportation, an alert system, fitness and wellness centers, onsite nurses, visiting therapists, and more.

The facility offers a wide range of spacious and elegant apartments as well as private homes and aims to give every resident a custom-fit blend of independence, privacy and safety. It enables residents to add or remove assistance, services and healthcare according to their changing needs.

Throughout its history, this senior living community on California’s central coast has received multiple awards and certificates of recognition, and it enjoys excellent reviews online, proving the high quality of its wide range of services.

How Online Reputation Management Can Boost Your Business

Online Reputation Reviews is a perfect way to take your business to the next level. There are many opportunities that come with having a clean reputation and a strong business that is founded on the need to reap benefits. To keep your business profitable, you need to manage its reputation and ensure all the content shared online reflects its positives. A single post about the failures highlighted in your business could dent its image within a short period of time.

Building a reputation can take years but losing it due to a small mistake takes less than one day. Therefore, protecting the good reputation that your business has earned over the years is a responsibility you cannot delegate to others. You need to face facts head on and come up with strategies that will ensure the online presence of the business reflects its positives.

Most successful businesses have a complete team of professionals who deal specifically with online reputation. If you want to stay relevant and profitable, you need to apply such measures so you can reap benefits as highlighted below.

More leads

A business with a good online reputation will definitely get more leads and referrals because people believe in its products. Creating an authentic and positive profile is something that calls for one to research about the kind of things users want from the business then replicate the information through a custom plan.

Better ranking

Ranking a business online is no easy feat especially when it is new in the market. Competing with already established businesses calls for unique effort and dedication and this is something that can be achieved if the reputation of the business is taken care of. A business that has continually maintained a positive reputation will rise to its glory through an upward trajectory.

Good feedback for improvement

Customers who love the way you engage them will give details that show what they think should be added to your products or omitted to make them better. They will share the details in a manner that is not going to hurt your business because you have created a good relationship that allows them to connect with the business more easily.


Gooee Lighting — Brings the Future to The Consumer Today

Smart Lighting, such as the solution offered by Gooee Lighting is just plain smart. It is smart from the standpoint that it is not only superior, in the way of technological intuitiveness: It provides the savvy consumer with an edge. He or she saves enormously on energy costs, making use of smart lighting. He or she is in control, too, when making use of the intuitive technology. The following post provides an explanation of how smart lighting works–in general.


The best way to begin the Gooee Lighting journey is to explain, first, how smart lighting works. Smart lighting is not just about lighting: It is about several different technologies, all rolled into one. Smart lights work inside or out-of-doors; are automatic, and are practical under certain conditions. Various types of smart lighting networks, provide different capabilities. The smart lighting solution will come on when a person enters the area; without any assistance from the human-being.


A house may have several lights. When the conventional approach is used; each room is controlled by a light switch. When a person places a smart lighting solution, within his or her respective environment, there is no need to use the light switch. The smart lighting network performs all of the work. The system works automatically.


Many smart lights come with sensors. The sensors will identify persons. The smart or intuitive light can also provide just the right intensity of light, and determine, correctly, when light is required. The smart lighting network, frequently, makes it possible for lights to interact. The lights can be adjusted by way of a remote control setup.


There are two types of Smart Lighting Solutions:


Smart lighting solutions run the range: and are quite varied. A standard concept of the smart lighting system is that lights may work on an independent basis or in conjunction with each other—once connected. It is wise for the person, considering a Gooee Smart Lighting System, to know that there are two primary types of smart lights: Those that are controlled by sensors, that are integrated into the smart lighting system; and smart lighting that is considered non-sensor integrated.


Explanation of the Sensor Integrated Lights and Non-Sensor Lights:


The sensor-integrated smart lighting system recognizes persons and natural sunlight, as well as other items. The lights basically send information to the network, relative to the smart-lighting solution. The data is sent on an automatic basis. A set of parameters, too, is set for each light. The user can also manually control the sensor type integrated lights if he or she wishes—so the lighting system offers the consumer options. The non-sensor integrated lights are still considered intuitive or smart. The preceding is true of the second solution since it is a solution that is programmable.


It is clear to see, from the initial presentation, that the Gooee Lighting System provides the consumer with a great deal of flexibility. The system makes it possible for persons, too, to turn a light on or off from a remote location, when he or she is away from home. From an introductory standpoint, the Gooee Lighting System offers much in the way of assuring the consumer enjoys the future of technology–today.


The Securities and Exchange Commission gives one of the Biggest Reward to a Client of Labaton Sucharow.

The Securities and Exchange Commission transformed the regulations of the financial industry in 2010 through the formation of the whistleblower protection program. The plan has motivated the public to offer its useful information about organizations that are breaking the state and federal securities laws. The whistleblowers of the regulatory institution are given a lucrative financial incentive and assured that their jobs would be secure after offering the information to the commission. The SEC recently offered a reward of $17 million to an informant who provided information that helped in unearthing fraudulent activities that were happening in the financial industry. According to the whistleblower protection laws, the commission should give the informant about 10 top 30 percent that it collects from the law breakers. The individual who was offered the money was represented by the Labaton Sucharow, which is a highly recognized company and was a pioneer in the formation of the whistleblower representation practice.

The illegal activities of one of the financial sector’s leading companies were disclosed by the whistleblower’s information. The SEC advises its informants to try and hide their identities while giving information as a way of avoiding being harassed or blacklisted by employers. The whistleblower who was rewarded was represented by an attorney, and therefore, his identity was not revealed to the public. Jordan A. Thomas manages the law firm’s program for representing whistleblowers. He is a well-experienced attorney who had administrative roles in the SEC, and he participated in the creation of the whistleblower protection laws. Mr. Thomas was the lawyer of the first staff member of a public company to be awarded by the SEC.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been striving to ensure that company employees and the public as whole are encouraged to offer any information that they have about organizations that are breaking financial laws. The institution has formed the Investor Protection Fund that has about $400 million, and its purpose is to ensure that the whistleblowers are paid in time.

Labaton Sucharow law firm started offering legal services to SEC informants in 2010. The company’s whistleblower representation service has grown over time. It employs highly trained detectives, forensic experts, and financial analysts. The company has gained significant recognition for the services that it offers to the litigants. Institutions such as the Benchmark Litigation, The Legal 500, and Chambers and Partners have honored it for its excellent work.